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Laser Engraving Materials

Most materials that meet one or more of the following conditions are suitable for laser engraving.

1. Non toxic. Laser engraving of materials does not produce toxic smoke.

2. A material that can produce clear and distinct color contrast with the original color after laser engraving.

For example, after laser and wood burn, the surface of the wood will turn dark black;
For example, if a laser etches off the first layer of color of the dual color ABS, the surface will display the second color;
For example, after laser etching off the anodized aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum products, the color of the aluminum on the bottom layer is displayed;
3. A material that undergoes a chemical reaction with a laser to change the surface color. For example, stainless steel metal, brass, gold.

4. A material that is sprayed with another color on the surface and then carved, and the surface can retain the sprayed color to form a clear pattern.

Common materials for laser Engraving

Cedar wood
custom cut acrylic

Uncommon materials for laser Engraving

laser engraving fabric
laser bamboo carving

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