Acrylic Laser Cutting And Engraving

What is acrylic?​

Acrylic  is sometimes referred to as PMMA. It is a significant thermoplastic that was created earlier because of its transparency and glass-like transparency. Acrylic boards are used for acrylic laser cutting and engraving and you can carve and cut intricate patterns in acrylic art.


Can a laser cutter cut acrylic?

Of course, the Thunder Laser machine can do it. You can laser cut any acrylic project using Our equipment without worrying about the quality of acrylic cutting because Thunder Laser cutter will help you get premium acrylic laser cutting and acrylic etching products. Our machine can make acrylic cutting achieve a flame-polished finish, ensuring cleanliness and smoothness which means you can get a perfect product for acrylic laser cutting.


We offer continuous customer service, even after your buy. Our laser machines ensure top-notch acrylic laser cutting products, maintaining our reputation.

acrylic laser cut wedding invitations​

laser cut wedding invitations​

The Classification of acrylic

The acrylic cutting board can be classified into numerous varieties based on the various performances, hues, and aesthetic impacts, so  it can offer to satisfy changing demands.

Many people know that cast plates and extruded plates are suitable for laser processing, but fewer people know that the laser processing methods they are suitable for are different. The carving effect of the casting plate is better than that of the extrusion plate, which is more suitable for laser carving. The extrusion plate is cheaper and more suitable for laser cutting.

Can you sublimate on an acrylic cutting board?

The market tells us that the application of acrylic has broad development potential. In addition to everyday use, You can see them in the high-tech medical field as well as the manufacture of precision components such as car dashboards and trophy engravings.


And with Thunder Laser’s advanced acrylic laser cutting machine technology, you can achieve incredible results on acrylic. We possess extensive knowledge and capabilities in acrylic engraving and etching. We can help you enhance production, create unique laser-cut acrylic items, and get the maximum profit from the market. Our dedicated process and after-sales staff are always available to support your growth.


Acrylic laser products in the market have been improving. But don’t worry, for the benefit of customers, Thunder Laser also strives to keep up with all cutting-edge technology and process advancements because we always strive to provide the best laser cutting machine for small and large industries.


We have exclusive agents in various countries on 5 continents worldwide. If you also like laser machines and even want more people to use a perfect laser machine to achieve perfect effects on acrylic laser cutting, you can become our distributor.

acrylic cutting sign


laser engraved gifts​

laser engraved gifts

acrylic inner laser carving​

inner laser carving

What do our customers say about the Thunder laser acrylic cutter machine?

Our customers have used acrylic boards to create a variety of inventive and extremely marketable acrylic laser cutting and engraving goods. You can utilize our machines to laser cut and engrave the desired appearance for anything from straightforward patterns to more intricate products. And you will find that you can also accomplish the same thing using the Thunder Laser CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine


Learn more about the features you can add to the machine by looking at our acrylic laser engraving machine. You can laser cut acrylic production what you want without worried the machine will unsuitable because we will adapt our acrylic laser equipment for you. Because that is our job to help you guarantee the caliber of your output and work to keep costs down.

acrylic engraving halftone
acrylic engraving plaque

How to make custom acrylic charms with an acrylic laser cutting machine?

You can fully control intricate acrylic cutting and design due to the Thunder laser machine’s low heat design, which prevents unneeded acrylic laser cutting material from burning or melting. Although these lasers do heat up, we will give you suitable specifications to fit the acrylic laser cutting machine as long as you adhere to our laser-cut acrylic process personnel’s instructions. Besides the user guide, posting on our online support topics can also help you  to receive assistance.

How to do acrylic CNC cutting and etching in a Thunder Laser machine?

Please view the movie to see the variety of laser-cut acrylic usage experiences that our clients enjoy.

What acrylic sheet thickness can be cut by an acrylic cutting machine?

Maybe you will find that the maximum thickness of acrylic that various acrylic laser cutting machines can cut is different. That’s because the thickness of the acrylic that the laser can cut depends on the laser tube’s power.


Here the table below shows the highest thickness of acrylic sheets for laser cutting with a single laser cut using the Thunder laser machine:

acrylic laser parameter

What are the common parameters for Thunder Laser cutting acrylic?

The acrylic substance itself has an impact on the cutting outcome. Local variations due to variations in origin, batch, acrylic laser cutting production process, etc. may exist even for acrylic for laser cutter sheets of the same thickness. So it eventually affects the laser cutting acrylic effect in the acrylic cutting machine.


The following parameters can help you as a guide. You can do  Small-scale testing first to fit the laser-cut acrylic parameters for a particular  usage.

named layers Speed (mm/S) Power (%) Single and Double Direction Line Interval/DPI Blow Type Blow Value
shallow carving(image) 500 15 Horizontal Double 300 weak below 0.1
The shallow carving(text) 500 18 Horizontal Double 300 weak below 0.1
 Shallow carving(label) 500 20 Horizontal Double 300 weak below 0.1
running a line 100 10(Corner power5) Horizontal Double weak below 0.1
cutting(internally) 25 55 Strong 8
 cutting(outer frame) 25 55 Strong 8

Which acrylic cutter machine is suitable for my project?

The Thunder Laser Nova and Thunder Laser Odin series can both cut and carve acrylic overall. But the Odin series can produce more exceptional results in acrylic sheet carving thanks to its extremely fast processing speed and precise laser control no worse than laser engraver for metal. 


The Odin machine is outstanding, but the Thunder Nova laser has more benefits for acrylic laser cutting. And That will be thanks to its greater laser power and processing platform (even through doors). To put it another way, based on the focus of your acrylic laser cutting and engraving job, you can select a more appropriate model. 


When cutting acrylic, it is simple to start a fire if the blowing value falls short of the appropriate amount. This is very dangerous, but don’t worry, we can prevent it following these instructions.


1.  Modify the blowing value

To lower the acrylic cutting board material cutting seam’s temperature and prevent igniting from a high temperature.


2.Using wet tissue

When laser cutting acrylic at home, you can place a wet tissue under acrylic to avoid fire. The humidity of the tissue can be used to lower the temperature caused by the evaporation of water vapor during acrylic laser cutting, finally achieving the goal of not easily catching fire.


(textured paper, wet paper, and kitchen paper can all be used, but even after the previous work is finished, you should also pay attention to the acrylic cutter machine to avoid catching fire).

Tips for acrylic laser cutting and engraving

Acrylic laser cutting and engraving is exciting, but it may cause some trouble If you don’t pay attention to the using process. For example, laser energy used for acrylic laser cutter can pass through the material and strikes the honeycomb platform before being reflected the acrylic’s by the metal mesh plate on the acrylic engraving laser machine working. Undoubtedly, it will result in damage and the formation of redundant and glaring marks on this occasion. But don’t worry, the Thunder laser team can help you avoid thorny bushes to make a perfect laser-cut acrylic artistic work.

How to repair acrylic skin damaged by laser cutter or avoid it?

Since The damage is brought on by laser reflection, lowering reflection will help to reduce this trace.


1.Wet paper towel

It can be used to cover a small area to reduce the reflected radiation and safeguard acrylic during the acrylic laser cutting process.


2. Using tools like nail boards

It is possible to jack up the acrylic as a whole when Large scale cutting to reduce the energy reflected by the laser during the reflection process. It will be useful for preventing damage to the acrylic.


3. Place on the blade

Place acrylic on the blade to laser cut. The blade can ensure that there is as little laser reflection back to acrylic during the cutting process as feasible because it is more sparse than the honeycomb board. It is not recommended to cut too small pieces when acrylic laser cutting; instead, focus on cutting from the inside out.


4. Others

Increase speed, cut power, and decrease the amount of energy reflected per unit of time while optimizing processing settings.

How to polish acrylic edges when laser cutting acrylic process?

Cutting acrylic can cause cut surface stripes to develop, which reduces the roundness of the cut surface. You can experiment with increasing power and decreasing speed to see if you can make the acrylic laser cutting edge smooth.


Because the cut surface will become more rounded when the greater the power, the slower the speed and the more energy pulses the acrylic itself receives. (However, the thickness of the machine and acrylic cutting board material must still be taken into account).

Besides the above techniques, you can also view the movie to learn more about how to polish acrylic edges.

How should laser cut acrylic products to avoid deformation?

How to remove acrylic protective film efficiently?

1. Using electric hair dryer

You can use the hot air lever of an electric hair dryer to continually blow back and forth on the film on the acrylic cutting boards to better peel it off. Because the film can be readily pulled off after it has relaxed. To avoid deforming the acrylic laser cutting plate at that location during the hot-blowing process, do not pause at the same spot for a prolonged period.


2. Cleaning with liquid gasoline 

To better rip off the film on the cutting acrylic sheet, you can also clean the surface with a cloth dipped in liquid gasoline. After approximately an hour, the film will weaken and be easier to tear off.


How to store acrylic cutting board?

There are some precautions to store acrylic.


First and also the most important is to avoid exposing acrylic cutting boards to direct sunlight, heat sources, or moisture while storing them. Store them at room temperature in a ventilated, dry location is a good choice.


Ranked second importance is that before using the acrylic cutting boards used to laser cut, leave the protective film on since static electricity can cause daily dust and grime to stick to the surface of the board. In addition, the shielding film shields the laser acrylic board from scuffs and abrasion as well.


The last one is also often overlooked and the acrylic sheets for acrylic laser cutting should be kept naturally flat in storage to prevent warping. It is advisable to store the cutting acrylic sheet at a little inclination and add support underneath if vertical storage is necessary.

Thunder laser qualified staff is available to assist you in identifying equipment that is appropriate for your work environment and satisfies you if you need it. From helping you select the ideal acrylic laser machine to making sure you understand how to set up the project, we take care of everything for you. Large corporations to entry-level people are among the clientele we work with so far. 


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