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Since 2012, Thunder Laser has been specializing in the development and production of high-end laser machines for cutting, engraving, and marking on various materials. We also do work on creating laser control systems used for multiple industries. With our range of high-resolution laser heads, 3D engraving on wood and forming intricate designs on metal surfaces are no longer impossible.


Following a specific production process and management mechanisms, we maintain strict quality control from end to end. This commitment to quality allowed us to secure certifications from CE and FDA, among others.


Along with our excellent line of laser machines, our strong technical and marketing prowess brought success to our customer’s businesses, earning us worldwide recognition.


To achieve a win-win situation with you by superior laser equipment and services.Committed to cultivating more talents in the laser field, promoting technology development, and enhancing the international status of “Made in China.”


Our goal is to make a difference for our customers, our company and society, to be the top one in the field of laser technology and to pass on our business to future generations who are passionate about the laser industry. 

Our Team
Thunder sales team

Thunder sales team

With reliable performance and extensive industry experience, our consultants have the patience and understanding to address your laser machine concerns. Each requirement is taken to heart, and every order is guaranteed to arrive at its destination, allowing us to earn the trust of our beloved clients.


Expert Engineers

Led by a talented German technical expert, THUNDER LASER’s technical engineers are committed to consistent innovation in bringing you advanced laser machines. Along with our passion for technology, we’re also happy to assist customers in solving equipment difficulties.

Expert Engineers
High qualified Technicians

High qualified Technicians

Our team of professional technicians follows an established set of operating procedures at every step of production. Every detail is closely monitored, ensuring that the equipment sent out is stable and reliable.


Experienced Marketer

Backed by extensive experience in keyword layout and ad placements, our marketers understand your audience’s needs. Over the years, we’ve helped various clients build impactful websites that expanded their business manifold.

Experienced Marketer
Aftersales Staff

Aftersales Staff

We offer a complete after-sales system to provide assistance after order fulfillment, from documentation to a dedicated platform and experienced staff. With fast response and customer-oriented support, expect the best solutions from our team.


Drafting department

We have a professional sampling team consisting of experienced laser application experts. They are dedicated to assisting each client in testing their materials and maximizing the application techniques to achieve better product results and experiences.

drafting department

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