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Guides: How to Bring Thunder Laser into Classroom

Thunder Laser
Unleash Your Creativity

We provide everything you need to scale classroom laser cutting to your needs. Reliable and easy-to-use laser cutters and software. Free lesson plans and curriculum. And Thunder Laser professional training courses for you.

The Thunder Laser

Education Ecosystem

Laser Cutters

Laser Cutter - The Ultimate Tool for Creation

Whatever the size and needs of your classroom,school, or district- there is a Thunder Laser cuttting solution. Our laser cuttters are powerful, safe, and easy for students of all ages. They are also simple for educators to manage.


The Drawing Master - Modeling Software

LaserMaker is a free, universal laser modeling software developed for the scientific and technological innovation market, compatible with all mainstream laser cutters on the market.


Courses of

Thunder Laser

The laser STEM education curriculum focuses onstudents at different stages, based on educational theories such as multipleintelligences theory, STEAM education philosophy, and project-based learningtheory. It aims to cultivate students’ creative and innovative abilities,critical thinking and problem-solving skills, communication abilities, andcollaborative capabilities.

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Thunder Laser

Training System

Whether you’re a student or a teacher there’s a Thunder Laser Training Symstem for you.These premier training modules will take you from a novice with laser cutting technology to an expert in no time.

Trusted by more than 2,000 schools around the world

Looking for Education Ambassadors

We are looking for education volunteers who are passionate about education, championing innovation in the classroom, and encouraging students to make to explore and create possibilities. You can maximize your impact and the quality of your curriculum by contacting us, getting maximum support from the Thunder Laser Education team, and sharing and exchanging ideas with other education ambassadors.

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