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Corporate Social Responsibility

We Value Ethical and Sustainable

As part of our corporate social responsibility, THUNDER LASER practices ethical and sustainable principles throughout our production process. We hope that we can drive positive changes in society through our active participation and inspire the community.


Practicing Sustainability

All our suppliers go through strict inspection, checking for environmental protection and quality certifications.


We promise not to use materials that seriously pollute the environment, such as zinc, cadmium, lead, and PVC. Materials are also properly fixed, minimizing production waste. No wastewater is discharged during the process.


THUNDER LASER machines are designed to be intelligently controlled to reduce your energy consumption. All machines are also packaged with recyclable wood,  maximizing the use of materials.


Involving in Our Community

Seeing the potential on the next generation, we’re committed to cultivating more innovative talents in the laser field and promoting the development of laser technology. We’ve donated several laser equipment to less-developed schools and sponsored various student events and creator activities.


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