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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

With years of excellence in laser equipment and related service, THUNDER LASER have received a lot of positive feedback. Come and hear what our customers have to say about us.


Scott Pratt



Thunder is experiencing rapid growth during a chaotic time in history. Shippers are overwhelmed with covid chaos and shipping issues are occurring everywhere. Its not just a laser machine issue. Freight is an issue all over the world. The delivery was difficult but COMPLETELY out of Thunders control. My personal experience with receiving my machine was rough at best but the product Thunder makes is phenomenal.

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Lindsey Rumancik

Sweet September Lane Custom Signs and Workshops

Lives in Richmond, Virginia,USA


I’ve seen a lot of posts about switching from a Glowforge and I thought I’d write a quick outline of my experiences. I paint signs and teach sign workshops.

– I ran my GF hard for a year and then it crapped out like many others are doing. Did a lot of research looking for reliability and customer service and came back to Thunder time and time again. Epilog was on my mind too but I’m just not there financially.

– I’ve had my Nova 35 for about a month and it’s fantastic. Minimal charring, cut times are fantastic, once settings a dialed in the cut lines are so clean.

– I still design in Illustrator and then import the .ai files to Lightburn.

– I cut birch and MDF so I can’t speak for acrylic. I’ve done a few engraves and they are very clean and clear.

– I wish I could go back 2 years and slap my Glowforge buying self in the face. They need to be more clear that they are a HOBBY machine.

– Happy to help with any quick questions!

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Bruce Jackson

laser machine reviews

Man I’m glad I went with this Nova 51. This is the comparison between the cutting space of a glowforge and the new cutting space of the Nova 51.


If anybody is on the fence just buy the new laser so you have it in time for Christmas. I had a bad experience with the first K40 laser I got before the glowforge and I was really worried about this one taking too much to setup as well. It was too easy and already aligned. The support this group gives is unbelievable. Also everytime I message Brian he has a link for me to watch ior read. Last, I have opened tickets on the Thunder website and they fixed the issue ( not really issues ) that day.


Grant Burrage and Brian Keith Bell y’all can use this picture as much as you need to.

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Kyle Moffatt

Board Chair at Canadian Mental Health Association, Regina Branch

Regina, Saskatchewan,Canada


I should have taken Jesse Schneider’s advice three years ago and bought a Thunder off the start…


And within 3 months it was clear we made the wrong decision for our business.

But you learn – and we made the order for a Nova 35!


If you are still on the fence, and browsing this page debating whether to upgrade…

Here’s our story – that Thunder 35 let us scale so fast that one year later, we just put in an order for a 51!

We love the machine, the brand, the community, and it’s because of that jump that we now find ourselves in seven stores locally and are now starting the journey of looking for a commercial home for our business.

Thanks to everyone here for answering all our dumb questions over the last year and solidifying just how good this decision was!!

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