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Choose the Optimal Laser

Leverage Our Expertise

With years of experience in the laser technology industry, we can accurately analyze your application requirements and find the appropriate laser. We conduct product and material testing for the specific laser machine you need. You can also request reports, samples, and feedback from our customers to help you make the right choice.


Free Material Testing

THUNDER LASER boasts a dedicated application development team. We conduct feasibility studies for your application in our application lab. To help figure out the right laser, we will carry out tests on your desired material. Depending on your specific quality and processing speed requirements, the optimal laser parameters are determined. Free samples are also available upon your request.

Laser printing design tested on a wooden material

Comprehensive Warranty

All of our laser machines come with 24-month warranty coverage.

For individual parts such as our laser tube, water chiller, air pump, exhaust system, air compressor, and water separator, they come with 12-month warranty coverage.


The laser lens and mirrors are also covered with a 30-day warranty.


These warranty coverages on our laser machines and components provide peace of mind with your purchase.

hand tightening a bolt using a small wrench

Quickly Accessible Spare Parts

In case of emergencies, we have laser machine spare parts in stock that are ready to be delivered to you when you require replacements. Even if we do not have any of your needed parts, we can quickly source them from trusted and long-standing suppliers. Through our in-stock and supply chain solution, we significantly reduce user’s downtime.


All-round Training

THUNDER LASER offers free offline training when the proper conditions are met. In the case of COVID-19, we have suspended the offline training. We also provide online training through online videos, electronic operation manuals, and an extensive knowledge base.


The training includes the basic operation of our laser machine, machine maintenance, repair of common problems, and machine application tips. This service allows your staff to maximize the efficiency of our laser machines.

Employee engaged in the training process

Remote Diagnosis & Maintenance

In addition to our daily maintenance list, we also offer you services such as troubleshooting and software upgrades via remote access. To achieve this, our technicians will log on to your computer via Teamviewer, check your laser software and perform maintenance. Most problems can be solved in this way with ease.

Laptop monitor showing the design process

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