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Tech Specification

Laser Source
SPT RF laser 30w
Coherent RF laser 30w
Working Area
Max Speed
Acceleration speed
Z Axis Height
Air cooled
Air cooled
Air Assist
Single air assist
Dual-Air assist
Minimal Font

High Speed
High Efficiency

3G Acceleration
1000mm/s Max Engraving Speed
5-Phase High Torque

Accurate Steady

High-Resolution RF Metal source ensures ultrarefined detailing.
Capable of 2000DPI with the 1.5”

Touch panel

Easy-to-use Touch Screen Control
5-inch LED-lit touch display
Explore more into visible function

Small, Compact, Powerful

Intergrated Exhaust & Air
Timer controlled Via the Thunder TL timer
Low vibration and low noise running 1000mm/s

Dual air assist patent

Automatically switches between high and low air blasts.

Achieves cleaner cutting and engraving results.
Boosts your work efficiency.

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Rotary Capabilities

A Rotary allowing you to rotate cylindrical or oddly-shaped items for more applications.


auto focus

Auto Focus

One click and autofocus is done. The red light indicator allows for more precise focusing on curved surfaces.

5MP Camera Positioning

An overhead Fish-Eye Camera with positioning accuracy less than 1mm distortion.Drag and drop your design on screen then  start laser processing.


RF Laser & Beam Expanders

Metal tube design provides a higher beam quality and longer life.A Beam expander is helpful for a finer laser output quality.

mute control

Low Noise & Lower Vibration

Low Noise & Lower Vibration The noise is less than 50 decibels in idle state.


Integrated Design & 1GB Memory

Support 100 designs to be saved in the laser and improve job management. Save your time.



Complete security protection and status detection feedback

Lid Protection

Fire Alarm Protection

E-stop Protection

Limit Switch Protection

Laser Condition Detection

Autofocus Detection

What Thunder Bolt
Can Create

Unboxing & Reviews

In this video we look at both cutting and engraving 4 different substances. Baltic birch in 1/4” and 1/8”, 4 different kinds land colors of acrylic in various sizes, Engraving a pencil. I provide you my initial impressions on this laser with owning it a week! If you’re considering buying this laser this video is a must watch!

Detailed start to finish using the Rotary Accessory on the Thunder Laser Bolt. Tips and tricks, graphic setup, best practices, functionality and machine settings. While the Rotobolt is an easy accessory to use there are some best practices to consider, we try to cover all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Thunderbolt is remarkably straightforward. In fact, it takes under ten minutes to unbox and set up for immediate use. You can find the unboxing video by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rlE2yhUKfo


Its user-friendly interface control panels and the service of delivering the entire machine come together to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Your Thunderbolt arrives with a comprehensive manual that guides you through its usage, enabling swift and effortless learning.


We’ve witnessed astonishing creativity from a diverse range of individuals, spanning from preschool students to great-grandparents. We are confident that you too will be able to craft incredible creations!

The Thunder Bolt has the capability to slice through materials like wood, fabric, leather, paper, Plexiglas (acrylic), Delrin (acetal), mylar, rubber, Corian, various food items, and a host of others. Additionally, the Thunder Bolt offers engraving functionality for all the aforementioned materials, as well as glass, coated metal, marble, anodized aluminum, titanium, select phones, tablets, laptops, and more. And you have the ability to craft an infinite array of valuable, exquisite, and functional objects.

Certainly, that’s possible! We offer the option to purchase an additional rotary attachment that work with your Bolt. By utilizing the Z-axis control lift system integrated into the Bolt, you can easily position the rotary attachment. This allows you to engrave designs onto cups or other cylindrical objects. It’s important to note that our system can accommodate objects with a maximum outer diameter of 30 ounces.

The Thunder Bolt bed can accommodate materials measuring 20 in x 12 in (50.8 cm x 30.5 cm).

Our Thunder Bolt boasts a top engraving speed of 1000mm/s and accelerates at a remarkable 3G. This translates to a much faster performance compared to other similar products. I’m confident that watching this video will provide you with a more intuitive understanding:

Let's Start Something Great!

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