Purchasing Guide

> Could you tell me the procedure of buying?

1) You pay the 30% deposit to us

2) We prepare the machine for you after we receive your money.

3) We take photos for you when the machine is ready.

4) You pay the 70% balance to us after you see the photos.

5) We send out the machine to you by sea way to your sea port(or by DHL to your door directly according to your needs)

6) We send out all the documents to you to clean the customs and get the machine.

7) The shipping company will contact you when the machine arrives at your port. You contact with shipping company and ask them to help you to clean customs. And then ask them to find a carrier to send the machine to your door.

8) Everything is done now.

> How the sea way shipping goes?

Let’s say sending a machine to Hamburg port. Usually, the total delivery time to Hamburg is about 42 days by sea way.

1) The time to prepare the machine is about 7-10 days,

2) We send the machine to the shipping company and the machine will stay in the shipping company’s warehouse for about one week. This is called LCL period.

3) the time from China port to Hamburg port is about 25 days.

> How the air way shipping does?

Usually, we will need about 7-10 days to prepare the order after receiving the payment.


And if send by DHL air way, it will need about 7 days to reach you.


So totally it will need about 14-17 days if you choose DHL air way to your door.

> What's DHL shipping procedure?

Since we use DHL Hong Kong.

Below is the detail shipping procedure:

1) We send the item to our shipping company first.

2) Then our shipping company will send it to Hong Kong.

3) Then DHL Hong Kong will pick up the item.

4) Then we will give you the tracking number.

> Do you offer any warranty for the machine or laser?

Warranty of Thunderlaser:

1) The warranty of machine is 24 months.

2) The warranty of laser tube, Laser Power Supply, water chiller, air pump, exhaust system, air compressor and water separator are 12 months.

3) The warranty of lens and mirrors are 30days from the date of receipt.

4) The warranty is dated from Ex Factory Date.

5) During warranty, Thunderlaser will send the replace parts including shipping without charge. On-site service are availble at a reasonable cost and tech time.

6) When the warranty is over, Thunderlaser will charge at a reasonable price for replacing.

7) Tech support by sending email/phone call/Video/TeamViewer are always free for Thunderlaser user the whole life.

8) The warranty is only valid for customers who buy machine in the year of 2022.

> Do you service the machine or provide the user tech support so they can fix it with replacement parts?

Yes. If you are looking for tech support of your Thunderlaser system, here are the guidance to help you to get answer faster:

– Skype: thunderlaser
– Email: tech@thunderlaser.com
we will always be here for Thunderlaser users.

> What is your vehicle better than machines from other manufacturers? What is the difference?

you can read the detail from our website:


> if my machine breaks down how long would it take to get parts for China, that is one thing I am really considering. Down time and waiting a month or two could hurt my business.

if there’s any parts broken, just take a photo to us,

usually we will send the replacement one to you within 1-2 business days by DHL,

and it may cost about 4-7days to arrive at you.

if it’s the machine fault without knowing which part is broken,

usually our tech person will take about 1-4 days to judge the fault exist,

and then we will send a replacement part to you as soon as possible,

then it may cost about 4-7days to arrive at you by DHL.

> I will be using my credit card for payment so you can also send me the information on how to pay you?

Answer: If you pay via credit card, according to our experience, we can only get the payment through PayPal.

> You have reseller in Europe?

Yes, please find Thunderlaser worldwide resellers here: https://www.thunderlaser.com/contact/

Machinery & Parts

> Does machine comes ready to work?

Yes. Our Nova laser systems come preset and tested through our quality assurance program. Thunder Laser machines come with a water chiller, air compressor, exhaust fan, tool box with all accessories needed to set up and run.

> How much time do I need to spend on learning how to run the laser machine?

As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine.

You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we’ve provided some of the

parameter library, it will save you more time.

> How to send a job to the machine?

Please watch this video directly to learn the detail

17-How to Send File to Machine

> Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting?

No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well.

You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.

> Does the machine wear after a while and start to engrave sloppy? (If so, can the wear parts be replaced?)…How much?

yes, every machine will wear. However, you don’t have to worry about that. The machine will be working normally at least 2-5 years.

After that, you may need to change the parts. And all the parts can be replaced. We will charge at a fair price.

> Can you explain what the differences are between the different watt laser tubes and how that impacts price and performance?

Higher watt tube with more power can cut thicker materials, or we can say, for cutting same material, higher watt tube can achieve faster speed.

However, theoretically speaking, the lower watt tube with smaller laser power, which is better for engraving. Usually we suggest 40-80 for engraving, 100-130w for cutting.

> Do you offer a higher power laser?

Yes, we have maximum 130watt laser power for your choice.

> I saw a video of your machine cutting cylindrical objects. What is the maximum diameter of the rotary capabilities?

the standard model is 10CM diameter, for the detail

> What are the available focus lenses?

The standard focus lens is 2”; there is 4″ for your choice.

> What’s the difference between focus lenses?

Shorter focus lens will have smaller final beam diameter. That’s why it is better for engraving good quality photos.

And longer focus lens is better for cutting thicker materials.

> What’s the difference between Mo reflective mirror and Si reflective mirror?

For a laser with less than 80W and clean engraving jobs I would recommend the Silicon-Mirrors because they have the best

reflectivity (>99%).

For a laser who is doing very dirty work (cutting wood 8 hours a day) or working with aggressive chemicals I would recommend the

Molybdenum-Mirror. The reflection coating (there is no coating, the Molybdenum is just polished) is very resistant and can get cleaned

very easily. Even if the reflectivity is only at 98.5%, the Mo-Mirror is almost unbreakable.

> Is there any type of optics protects (example: air assistant)?

Yes. We have

Open flap protection switch, the laser will stop working if you open the front cover. Water protection, Laser will stop working if the water cooling system is not working normal. Emergency stop, Turn off the machine immediately when there’s accident happen. Alarm Lamp, show the work state and tell when the job is done. Heat Alarm detector, the laser machine will warming with loudly voice if cutting material catch fire.

> What type of exhaust system is required?

There’s an exhaust fan comes with the machine.

> Does the laser head include a red dot laser pointer for orientation and alignment?

Yes, Red dot laser pointer is standard feature of all Nova machines.

> How do i know the tube is nearly used up?

The normal color of the laser beam is purple while working. When a tube is dying, the color will become white.

> What’s the difference between the different laser tubes?

Usually, the power of the tube is decided by two parameters:

1. The length of the tube, the longer the tube is the more powerful.

2. The diameter of the tube, the bigger the tube is the more powerful.

> Could I use a more powerful supply or could I just upgrade to a more powerful tube if I wanted to increase the power?

No, we don’t suggested that.

A more powerful supply may damage the laser tube.

> Does the reflective mirrors and the lens need to be cooled?

No need.

> How can i adjust the focus?

There are two ways to adjust the focus.

1) You can adjust the laser head manually


> How is the power rating of the laser determined, is it the amount of power being put into the CO2 tube from the power supply?

Yes, the co2 tube is controlled by the power supply. And the power supply is controlled by the controller. And you can set the power

rating easily in the software.

> What is the use of the High Resolution Attachment?

High resolution Attachment will make the laser dot smaller, thus you can have much better engraving quality.it is used to engrave extremely high quality photos.

> Do you have any experience how big the distance between the laser Head and the material should be what made the best results?

For the engraving distance,

With standard 2″ laser head, the distance between laser head and material is 5mm-6.5mm.

If cutting thick material and 6mm distance does not give a good result, you can try adjusting the distance down to about 5mm. For

details, please contact with our tech person.

> We think that a higher air pressure brings better results, is it right?

For cutting some thick materials, it is correct.

But when engraving on some materials, it’s better to use less powerful air pressure.

> What’s the life time of laser tube?

The normal life tube of a laser tube is about 2500-4000 hours according to how you use it.

> Can the desktop laser come with stand?

Yes, footstand of desktop laser machine is an option. We will take it apart for shipping and you can set it up with screw later on.

> What is the working space needed? I need to plan the space out before your machine arrives.

Here’s the size information of Nova machine:


Usually it’s suggested to leave about 200mm space for the backside to install the exhaust pipe.

For the other sides, need about 100mm for each, but when you need to replace the parts of the machine, please move it out to a wide place.

> Where is the USB connection at the machine? Is it on the side or back of the machine? I cannot see clearly from the videos.

The USB connection is on the right side of the machine, please have a look at the pic.

> Do the sides of your laser open for larger pieces?

Yes, we have pass-through door design for our machine:

Pass- Through Door Design

>Are the Laser Tubes when they are no longer working just replaced or is the CO2 recharged?

You have to replace a new tube when it’s no longer working.

It’s not cost-efficient to recharging a co2 glass tube.

> If the Laser tube or Mirrors get out of alignment during shipping or during prolonged machine use, how are they then realigned to get a perfect beam without any special equipment?

Usually we will pack it well and it’s seldom out of alignment,

Once it happens, we have video and lesson to guiding you how to align the laser beam:


>Is the Beam a small round dot?

If the beam is a small round dot, then it is perfect,

but in fact, most of the beam are close to round dot.

> How safe is it to realign mirrors or replace the Laser Tubes without wearing Laser Safety Glasses to protect your eyes?

If you just realign the parts without reading our technical lesson or guiding video,


It’s unsafe indeed even you wear laser safety glasses,

However, if you realign them by following our lesson and video step by step,

It’s not so dangerous,

And to make it safer, you can wear a pair of laser safety glasses,

Please note the most important thing is: familiar with the process of lesson and video.

> Do the tubes contain unsafe materials (mercury etc.), can they be disposed of safely?

No unsafe materials, and yes, they can be disposed of safety.

> You have lots of very long timing belts especially on the Z Axis Drive, do they need re-tension adjustment and how long do they last?

According to our customers’ feedback, life for the belts should be at least 3-5year.

When you find it is loose, you can adjust it by reading our user manual and watch guiding video:



> Does the machine get dirty inside with use as all the mirrors/lens/belts/rail slides are not protected? With Belts, Rail slides, Lens, mirrors if so do need cleaning do you have a procedure to clean them?

Yes, machine will get dirty after using for a period time,

Then you should clean and maintain it frequently.

For how to clean the machine and make maintenance,

Please read our user manual from page 47-56.


>Does the 4 inches laser head cut more thick material?

For cutting thick material (usually more than 10mm),

4″ lens is good for getting a more straight/smooth edge, but it does not mean you can cut more depth.


> We also need to work out where to exhaust the output gases when we use the machine. Two areas though the wash room window or out the Garage door both methods would require long hoses? So we may have to reorganize for a better position nearer to the window.

For exhausting the air outside,

standard length for the hoses is about 6m

is it ok for you?

if not, can you please tell me how long do you need?

I think we can offer special hoses to you,

for outputting the air,

it’s depend on your material,

if you use the laser for cutting wood/acrylic/leather/fabric, etc.,

it’s ok, no dangerous, but some or less smell I think.

and material like PVC/Vinyl contains chlorine are not suggested to cut with laser.

(its fume dangerous for human health and will corrode the machine.)

> Comparison of different laser heads.


> My door is too narrow, we can’t figure out how to separate the top from the bottom?

Please find below link for how to move the laser cutter into your house, thanks.


> Do I have to record all the cutting/engraving parameters for different materials in a paper?

No need. We’ve added a parameter library in the software, once you find out what settings is best for a certain material;

you can record it in the parameter library. Next time you cut the same material, you just need to read it from the list.

> Does your laser run from a laptop or Desktop PC?

Both ok, as long as your operating system is Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10.

> Does your laser run in Windows XP?

Our laser runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10 both 32bits and 64bits system.

But it does not run on Mac OS.

> What software is suggested to design my jobs?

CorelDraw and AutoCAD are suggested. You can design all your artworks in these two software and then send to the RDWorksV8

software to set the parameters easily.

> What files is the software compatible with?



> Will it engrave from a jpeg image?


> Can I take a picture and engrave the image on an object without any hassles?

Yes, you can take a photo by using a camera and then load the photo to the software directly and engrave it.

> Can i send a DXF file to you and then you cut for me?

Yes, we welcome you to send us a file and we will make a sample for you to have a look.

> Is it possible to start the software without laser machine?

Yes, you can start the software without laser machine.

> What does “corner power” mean?

The corner power should be less than the max power, since the laser head moves slower at corners. For how much less, it is best to do

some tests until you find the best one.

> I use files from Adobe Illustrator. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s ok to use files from Adobe Illustrator, but you will need to export it as DXF format. Then our software can load it directly.

> Does your machine (software) support AI plug-in directly?

Yes, it does support AI plug-in. However, at present, almost all Chinese Laser software cannot support AI plug-in very well. Sometimes

there’re some unknown problems if you use AI plug-in directly.

We would suggest you to export your AI files as DXF format, then our software can support it perfectly.

> I plan on using this with my computer the editing software ‘CorelDraw’. will that work?

For CorelDraw X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 our machine can support it directly.

>What format is the file that CorelDraw is sending to your software?

DXF format, but there’s plug-in for coreldraw, so you can switch from coreldraw to our laser software directly.

Material Application

> Can Thunder laser engrave on metal?

Yes and no.

Our laser machines can engrave on anodized metal and painted metal directly.

But it cannot engrave on bare metal directly. (This laser can only engrave on a few parts of bare metals directly by using the HR

attachment at a very low speed)

If you need to engrave on bare metal, we would suggest you to use thermark spray.


> What are the limitations of the laser… for instance, if we wanted to cut a sheet of acrylic (what is the maximum thickness we can cut through)?

Max cutting thickness for acrylic:




100watt: 20mm

130watt: 25mm

> Does your laser engrave 3D?

Yes, our laser engrave 3D, like relief.

See below video:

> Can this cut metal? What thickness?

No, for cutting metal, you will need at least 200watt laser.

We only focus on cutting non-metals at present.

However, by using a thermark spray. Our laser can also engrave on metals.

> Do you have any data (power, speed) with cutting acrylic glass?

Yes, please download from below link directly


> Can it cut POM?

Yes, we can cut POM. Please tell us the thickness, we will recommend you a well machine.

> Which other materials can I cut with the laser?

For the workable materials, please learn the details from our website:


> What material should never be put in a CO2 Laser Machine?

Please do not cut any material containing chlorine like PVC, Vinyl, etc. and other toxic material.

when heated releases chlorine gas.

This gas is toxic and poses a health risk as well as being very corrosive and harmful to your laser.

> Can you engrave a Glass Mirror?


> Is the Cast Acrylic the best Acrylic material for fine Photo engraving?

Yes, normally cast acrylic is better than extruding acrylic for laser processing.

> Can you engrave Photos on metal if your spray on say CerMark?

We didn’t test for engraving photos on metal with Thermark before,

and according to our experience, we think it should be not so good,

as you know metal become black after engrave with laser,

for engraving word, logo and simple pattern, it’s good to see it clear,

however, for engraving photos, I am afraid it’s hard to get a gray scale photo .

> My understanding is that the best for Photo engraving is on Anodized Aluminum followed by ABS. The following are some Anodized Aluminum surface examples, which ones are OK to engrave a fine Photograph on your Laser machines?

Yes, Anodized Aluminum is the best material for engraving photos.

and Color Anodized Aluminum is the best among the Anodized Aluminum sheets.

then Acrylic, ABS is also very good if you have a good quality ABS,

(ABS is a kind of plastic, some ABS will be bend after heat by laser).

> I also would like to know if we can do 3D and 2D engraving on in clear Crystal blocks, the examples I have seen on the internet have these images engraved in the middle of the crystal also the images are of good quality and high resolution.

No, our laser(co2 laser) can only engrave on surface of material/glass/crystal

> Can you do more than one Laser cut pass to cut Timber or Acrylic, if the first cut does not cut it because it is too thick?

Yes, you can do more than one cut, but usually it’s not suggested to cut twice. Most of the time, one cut will get the best cutting quality.

> I need to know more about the material that is stuck to the glass when performing glass/crystal engraving, so I can see where to buy the material. I have found a local source of Thermark spray for the Metal Engraving, after the engraving is complete can the Thermark spray be removed?

The material we paste on glass is just a kind of common tissue paper,

since it help us to get a more smooth surface, (no so much rag)

it’s ok, you really needn’t worry about the paper, you just need to make it wet,

and then paste on the surface of glass you want to engrave.

for Thermark, yeah, it’s useful for engraving on metal,

and after you get the laser job down, you can tear the Thermark off,

(there’re 3 types of Thermark, you can visit their website if you like to learn more)

then you can get a clear pattern/words on metal.

> what is the thickest size material it can cut through with 100W laser for wood?


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