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Pass- Through Door Design

Just imagine someday when you need to cut a super long material and the table of your laser cutter is not long enough, what can you do? Using a saw to cut the material into small pieces first? That would be a waste of time and might damage the material a lot.
Don’t tell me that your laser cutter does not have a pass through door design! All Thunder laser cutters has a pass through door design to deal with such case, you can learn how to use this function easily from this video.

laser cutter with pass through

Opening the front bezel with a key, remove the front bezel, and place the material flat on the Thunderlaser machine.
Next, disassemble the rear bezel, which is fixed by screws.
Remove the screwdriver from the kit, unscrew the screw, and remove the bezel.
It can be seen that a straight groove of about 3cm is exposed, allowing longer materials to pass through the straight groove.
The limited height of the straight groove can ensure safer use of the machine.
The Thunder laser cutter with pass through door makes your work more complete in carving.