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Laser cutting for acrylic signs

Laser cutting and laser engraving advertising signs, displays, illuminated advertising, printed signs, signage, exhibition stand construction and shopfitting.The creative “finishing” with a laser cutting machine transforms a printed acrylic sheet or wooden board into a finished product with a higher value. From simple rectangular advertising signs to complex contours and markings, anything is possible with Thunder laser cutting machines. [email protected] +86 18103043363

1. Basic Laser Settings

Laser Power: Use the laser power appropriate for the thickness of the acrylic. Generally, thicker acrylic requires higher power. For example, 3mm thick acrylic typically needs 30-40 watts of laser power, while 10mm thick acrylic might need 60-100 watts.

Cutting Speed: Set an appropriate cutting speed. If the speed is too fast, the cut may be incomplete; if it’s too slow, the material may overheat and melt. Conduct several tests to find the optimal speed. Beginners can refer to Thunder Laser’s settings for cutting acrylic here.https://www.thunderlaser.com/laser-cutter-settings-for-different-materials

2. Tips for Laser Cutting Acrylic

Protective Film: Acrylic usually comes with a protective film. It’s recommended to remove the top surface’s protective film before cutting, while keeping the bottom film intact to reduce burn marks and scratches during cutting.

Air Assist: Always use an air assist system. Air assist helps cool the material, reduces the chance of fire during cutting, and improves the quality of the cutting edge. However, too much air assist can cause the edges to turn white and rough. For smooth acrylic edges, check out this video.

Testing and Adjustment: Before the actual cutting, perform several test cuts and adjust the laser power and speed until you achieve satisfactory results.

3. Material Selection

Cast Acrylic vs. Extruded Acrylic: Cast acrylic is generally more suitable for laser cutting, resulting in smoother edges. Extruded acrylic, on the other hand, may produce more burrs and rough edges.

Material Thickness: Choose the appropriate thickness of acrylic based on the laser cutter’s power. Thicker acrylic may require higher laser power and slower cutting speed.

Safety Concerns (Very Important)

Laser cutting acrylic can easily catch fire, so never leave the machine unattended during the process to prevent fire hazards.

For more information on laser cutting and engraving acrylic, please read this article.https://www.thunderlaser.com/laser-engraver-materials/acrylic/