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Odin Laser Engraving Machine


Machine Type :  Automated CNC Laser machine

Laser Type : RF CO2 metal tube type

Application: Cutting and Engraving

Security level:  CE, FDA
Laser Materials : Over 12 materials including Wood, glass, metal, glass, stone, crystal, Corinne, paper, abs dual color plastic, aluminum oxide, leather, resin, spray metal etc.
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A size that Can support your business

Whether it’s rotary carving, large-scale laser engraving, or batch laser engraving, Thunder Laser Odin Laser Engraving Machine can support you.

Double Nova speed and Higher accuracy

Odin Laser Engraving Machine’s blazing speed at 1500mm/s, and Nova Laser Cutting Machine’s efficiency at 500mm/s. That’s more than a 2x boost in productivity and output for your projects


How well does it cut?

 As well as Nova

The laser cutting quality is mainly determined by the laser beam quality.


Odin Laser Engraving Machine can generate higher quality lasers than Nova, So you can see :

1、As smooth or neat as Nova


3、Less burrs

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Ready to learn more about Upgrades?

RF Laser Tube

Higher precision

more precise and stable laser, which is why lasers 2+ times more precise and stable than Nova.


With powerful heat dissipation, no need for a cold water tank.


Odin Laser Engraving Machine’s lifespan, 2-5 times longer, can be recycled indefinitely after refilling CO2 gas.


– The first breakthrough upgrade compared to Nova.

New 100 faster motor system 655x437 1

Quicker Speed

Odin Laser Engraving Machine’s speed secret? An international 5-phase open-loop stepper motor and Thunder laser ABS smooth guide rail patent working in harmony.


With 5G acceleration and 80IPS, Odin Laser Engraving Machine races ahead at 2+ times the speed of Nova.


Plus, enjoy low noise and minimal resistance for a seamless experience.


– The second upgrade compared to Nova.

Dual Air Assist System

Upgraded Design

Discover the Odin 32 v2.0 enhancements:


1. Elevate your experience with a touch screen panel.

2. Precision meets control with a dual air assist system and pressure detector. (Odin 32 v1.0)

3. Dust covers for a cleaner workspace and reduced maintenance.

4. Seamless installation with an integrated air pump and suction fan.


– Odin Laser Engraving Machine’s third new upgrade compared to Nova.

New Eightfold Open flap protection

More friendly, Safe

Aligned with Nova’s warning light and emergency stop switch, Odin Laser Engraving Machine meeting CE and FDA safety standards.


Enhanced safety with 8 cover opening protection sensors, automatically halting operations when parts are opened or disassembled, ensuring your safety. (Odin 32 v2.0)


– The ultimate upgrade from Nova, prioritizing your well-being.

More Daily life Applications,More possibilities...

Seamlessly blend Thunder laser Odin Laser Engraving Machine into your daily life. Personalize ceramic cups, stone coasters, acrylic signage, wooden decorations, skincare bottle carvings, and an array of unique pendants. Elevate your everyday with Odin laser etching machine and bespoke creations!
laser engraving tumbler
Customized cutting board
laser leather wallet

Broader industry Applications

1. Creating craft diverse accessories with Odin Laser Engraving Machine – earrings, necklaces, handpieces, hair accessories, and more.

2. Personalize jewelry with custom-carved texts and patterns.

1. Craft smart tech models, including precision-cut wooden remote control cars.

2. Personalize daily essentials – pens, pen holders, notebooks, and beyond.

Clothing industry

1. Enhance laser fabric cutting efficiency and accuracy.

2. Master laser engraving patterns or text.

3. Bring complexity to life with intricate patterns and vibrant gradient colors.

1. Marking on industrial parts with Odin Laser Engraving Machine, maybe automobiles, ships, and medical devices or others.

2. Streamline logistics with tracking codes—serial numbers, customer data, and more.

Painting with Light

Abs Plastic

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Odin Thunder Laser engraver

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The CO2 RF laser shares the principles of CO2 glass tubes, CO2 molecules to undergo chemical reactions to produce laser.
The twist? Just a little different from CO2 glass tubes. CO2 RF tubes leverage high-frequency electric fields to induce multiple energy level shifts, igniting the laser generation process.

Laser engraving and laser cutting are quite similar. It also utilizes a high power density focused laser beam to act on the surface or interior of the material, causing it to vaporize or undergo physical changes, forming the required graphic patterns and ultimately forming carving.

The difference is that laser engraving hardly changes the shape of the material and only does shallow carving or etching.

These advantages make CO2 RF metal laser engraver machine is very suitable for industrial continuous production.

1. Quality beyond compare—over three times finer than glass tubes, ideal for high-definition carving like detailed portraits.

2. Precision comes at a cost: RF laser tubes are pricier, yet offer unmatched precision in carving. While cutting thickness may be limited compared to CO2 laser machines, the advantage lies in high-precision detail work. CO2 glass tubes shine in cutting thicker materials with 100w+ power.

3. Longevity matters: CO2 RF metal laser tubes boast a lifespan 2-5 times longer than CO2 glass tubes, translating to lower maintenance costs, tube reusability, and zero replacements needed.

Thunder laser Odin views 1

Thunder laser Odin views 3

Thunder laser Odin views 2

Thunder laser Odin view 6

Powerful Laser Software Support

Explore Thunder Laser Engraver in Depth

odin laser engraver

RF Laser Tube

RF metal laser source

The RF metal lasers are designed to operate without high voltage or water cooling. This makes RF metal lasers inherently safer to operate in almost any environment.

RF metal lasers are designed to be durable, provide the highest performance with high laser beam quality, offer indefinite service life, and help assure operator safety.

The price is more expensive than DC glass tube, but they have a longer lifespan of up to approximately 10,000hours.

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New Auto Focus244x200

New Auto focus

In order to achieve the best cutting result by wood laser cutting machine, we will make the laser beam focus when it contact the material on laser cutter engraver, and the smaller laser beam, the better performance. Auto focus function can move up and down the working table to make sure the most proper distance between the material and the focal lens.

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Dual Air Assist System

 Dual Air-Assist System

There're 2 modes for air assist. Cut and Engrave. The 2 air solenoids are controlled with the smart board. There are also 2 needle valves mounted on the front left panel so you can adjust the flow for each mode as well as momentary push buttons to test the flow. When you press a button the corresponding stage activates for 10 seconds.

So now you can define high(Cut) or low(Engrave) air assist by toggling the air assist function in each layer. With air OFF you get the engrave mode automatically. It offer ON and OFF in the drop down to CUT and Engrave in the current version (this is specific to the Thunder Laser version of RDWorks). All you need to remember when applying layer settings is that air assist OFF will activate the Engrave stage and air assist ON will activate the Cut stage.

This also works on Lightburn software, for engraving just toggle air assist off in the cut settings in lightburn. For cutting, toggle air assist ON and it will choose the cut air stage.

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New 100 smoother guide Rail244x200

 Smoother guide Rail

This new guide Rail was new developed by Thunder Laser engineers with patent right.

It matches the new Oriental motor system very well. Less resistance and low noise,that’s the most important factor why Odin series could reach 2000mm/s speed.

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New Upper Lower Vent244x200

 New Upper & Lower Vent

New feature for Odin series with Upper and Lower exhaust ventilations design, to remove the heated and burned smoke from the material surface timely while engraving and cutting.

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New 100 faster motor system

 High Speed Motor

The Odin series laser engraver is with high speed and high resolution motor system imported from Japanese ORIENTAL.

The 5-phase open-loop stepper motor for X-axis offers balanced performance enhanced by high torque, low vibration
and low noise, it turns out to be high efficiency with 3G acceleration and 80IPS speed, providing a super-fast engraving in the industry.

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Technical Data

Laser System

Odin 22 Odin 32

Laser Tube Wattage

30 Watt 55 Watt (Coherent)

Working Area

559 x 381 mm (22″ x 15″) 813 x 508 mm (32″ x 20″)

Table Size

625 x 440 mm (24.6″ x 17.3″) 899 x 567 mm (35.4″ x 22.3″)

Max Part Size(W x L x H)

625 x 440 x 190mm(24.6″ x 17.3″ x 7.5″) 879 x 567 x 190mm(34.6″ x 22.3″ x 7.5″)

Dimensions(W x D x H)

1030 x 860 x 1090mm (40″ x 34″ x 43″) 1284 x 987 x 1090mm (51″ x 39″ x 43″)

Laser Type

Radio Frequency Laser Tube


Air Cooled

Maximum Speed

Maximum machining size at 1000 speed – lightweight laser head 529 x 381 mm(20.8″ x 15″) 783 x 508 mm(30.8″ x 20″)
Maximum machining size at 2000 speed – lightweight laser head 461 x 381 mm(18″ x 15″) 715 x 508 mm(28″ x 20″)

Speed and Power Control

Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.Vector color mapping sets speed and power settings using RGB color mapping.

Operating Modes

Optimized raster,vector,and combined mode


User controlled from 100 to 1000DPI(standard laser head)

Computer Interface

Ethernet and USB Connection

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows, Mac, and Linux (Mac and Linux with LightBurn Software)

Buffer Memory

1GB Standard

Display Panel

3.5″ LCD panel showing current file, total working time, laser power, speed, etc…

Electrical Requirements

Requirements110 to 240 volts,50 or 60 Hz,single phase

Z-Axis Height

185mm (7.3″) 185mm (7.3″)

Net Weight

125kgs (276lbs) 167kgs (368lbs)

Motion Control System

High-Speed Stepper Motors

Speed and Power Control(engraving depth)

Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%. Vector color mapping sets speed and power settings using RGB color mapping.

Ventilation System

Integral exhaust fan. There is 1 output port, 6.1″ (155 mm) in diameter in the rear of the case.

Workpiece table

Honeycomb table

Max. table load

20kgs (44lbs)

Compatible Materials

Material Engrave Cut Material Engrave Cut
Wood Rubber
Acrylic Wood Veneer
Delrin Fiberglass
Cloth Plastic
Leather Cork
Mat Board Corian
Melamine Twill
Paper Anodized Aluminum ×
Mylar Painted Metals ×
Pressboard Tile ×
Glass × Stainless Steel * ×
Coated Metals × Brass * ×
Ceramics × Titanium * ×
Marble × Bare Metal * ×

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