Laser Basics

March 9, 2023

Laser rotary attachment

How does Laser rotary attachment work

A laser rotary typically refers to a rotary attachment for a laser engraving or cutting machine. This attachment allows the laser to engrave or

January 6, 2023

Nova Laser Cutting Machine

Getting started Tips and Tricks for laser cutting

1.Laser Machine routine maintenance work 01  Inspecting and Cleaning focus lens It is imperative that you remove, inspect, and clean your optics before running

December 13, 2022

stainless steel marking

laser marking machine base knowloge

1. Laser marking principle Laser marking is a marking method that leaves text and patterns on the surface of the workpiece. First, the laser

November 17, 2022

log wood engraving

Common Laser Engraving Materials

Wood Log Wood is the most commonly used laser processing material, which is easy to carve and cut. Cherry and Maple are the best

November 8, 2022


Thunder Laser:Introduction To All Wedsites

Established on May 4, 2012, Thunder Laser is an advanced manufacturing company with laser cutting machine manufacturing as its core. Founded on May 4,

October 22, 2022

laser cutting machine

Selection Of Laser Cutting Machine

1. General rules for the type and nomenclature of laser cutting machines.  The model name of laser cutting machine is generally in the form

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