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THUNDER LASER specializes in capturing market needs for laser equipment by continuously improving the performance of our machines and expanding its application range. We also follow specific processes and management mechanisms for strict quality control throughout production from material procurement to performance tests. This strict policy results in early CE and FDA approvals for our laser machines.

laser cutter nova35

Laser Cutter-Nova Series

Our Nova Series can achieve faster and flawless cutting performance with less noise. With our original Dual Air-Assist, 3D cutting is feasible.

Laser Type: DC CO2

Work Area: 600 x400 up to 1600x1000mm

Laser Power: 40w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w

Z-axis: 155mm, 225mm

Laser Engraver-Odin Series

Adopting Japan’s imported motor for 5G acceleration allows for high superior engraving speed in the industry.

Laser Type: RF CO2

Work Area: 559×381 up to 813x508mm

Laser Power: 30w, 55w

Z-axis: 185mm

odin32 scaled 1

Marking Laser-Aurora Series

THUNDER LASER’s Aurora Series can achieve precise and fast laser marking performance with superior safety measures.

Laser Type: Fiber

Work Area: 110×110 up to 200x200mm

Laser Power: 20w, 50w, 20w MOPA

Z-axis: 390mm

Not sure which laser machine is the best for you?

Analyze applications and match machine for clients


Analyzing Your Application

Simply tell us what you want to laser and you will gain a feasibility study of your application by our experienced engineers.


Selecting the Right Equipment

We choose the optimal laser system for you based on the feasibility study conducted before.

Two staff members discuss equipment selection in the application center with customer requirements.
Staff discussing details of samples with customers in front of the equipment.


Testing on Our Lasers

Using selected THUNDER LASER machines, we validate our solutions by proof testing your materials and applications.


Recommending Suitable Laser

Finally, we will demonstrate our solution through reports, videos, or samples, helping you choose the most suitable laser machine.

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