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Thunder Laser, Your Best Laser Machine Manufacturer

Leave it to Thunder Laser machine

Together with Thunder Laser, You will have a wide market. Our machines offer a broad market reach, enabling laser carving and cutting across more than 12 materials. We continually push performance boundaries to meet market demands.


You don’t have to worry about the quality of the machine because we uphold rigorous processes and management protocols from material sourcing to performance testing. This dedication has resulted in early approvals from both CE and FDA, assuring the top-notch quality of our laser machines.

Thunder Laser Bolt Plus

The best desktop laser Engraver, it can provides military-grade durability with lightning-fast engraving capabilities.

Laser Type: RF Metal CO2

Work Area: 508 x 305mm

Laser Power: 30w
Z-axis: 110mm
Speed: 1500mm/s



Easy to install

Bolt Plus Front A (1)
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laser cutter nova35

Laser Cutter-Nova Series

Our Nova Series Laser Machines can achieve faster and flawless cutting performance with less noise. With our original Dual Air-Assist, 3D cutting is feasible.

Laser Type: DC CO2

Work Area: 600 x400 up to 1600x1000mm

Laser Power: 40w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w

Z-axis: 155mm, 225mm

Speed: up to 1000mm/s




Laser Engraver-Bolt Series

Adopting Japan’s imported motor for 5G acceleration allows for high superior engraving speed in the industry.

Laser Type: RF CO2

Work Area: 559×381 up to 813x508mm

Laser Power: 30w, 55w

Z-axis: 185mm

Speed: up to 2000mm/s




bolt pro 32 Front Left

Laser Marking Machine-Aurora Series

Super quick fiber laser machines, Thunder Laser’s Aurora series can achieve precise and fast laser marking performance with superior safety measures.

Laser Type: Fiber

Work Area: 110×110 up to 200x200mm

Laser Power: 20w, 50w, 20w MOPA

Z-axis: 390mm

Speed: up to 8000mm/s

Super Quick



Not sure which laser machine is the best for you?

General Recommendations

Thunder laser machines are versatile marvels. Nova and Bolt can effortlessly engrave and cut through over 12 different materials, while Aurora can also carve multiple materials with precision and ease. 

But if you have a favorite laser material, we have the most suitable laser machine matching.


Recommend Nova with a large working area


Laser cutting wood demands ample workspace, just like the Nova laser machine – a powerhouse for crafting with timber.


Learn more wood engraver.


Recommend Nova laser Machine with cutting well


Unlock the full potential of laser-cut acrylic for stunning signs and art gifts. Nova’s powerful cutting capability and big workspace make it the perfect match for your acrylic creative endeavors.


Learn more acrylic laser cutter.

custom cut acrylic


Recommend Aurora with engraving metal well


Discover the Fiber Laser Maker – your ultimate metal engraving solution! Our Fiber Laser Maker can etch intricate designs on a wide range of metals, even those without coatings. 


While Nova and Bolt are great CO2 laser machines, they’re limited to coated metals. Making the Fiber Laser Maker your top pick for all your metal engraving needs!

Learn more metal engraver.


Nova,Bolt and Aurora may ok

🚀 Bolt : If you’re all about speed and efficiency in engraving material, look no further than Bolt and Bolt Pro. It’s designed to give you precise results in record time.


💪 Nova: Need power and a spacious work area for cutting material tasks? Nova’s got you covered! Nova shines brighter than Bolt in cutting applications.


⚡ Aurora: For lightning-fast engraving that keeps up with your demands, Aurora is your go-to choice. While it may not match Nova and Bolt in versatility, it’s perfect for quick, quality engraving on various materials.

laser machine series

With these laser machines at your disposal, you have the power to choose the best fit for your specific needs. The choice is yours!

Learn more laser materials.

Maker Education Model

woodcraft 7

When it comes to creating intricate and sizable education model designs, the go-to tool of choice is wood laser cutting. And for many dedicated maker educators, there’s no better companion than the Nova laser machine. 

Its precision and capacity make it the preferred pick for bringing large-scale design drawings to life.

Art and Craft

3D arts

The key to selecting the perfect laser machine lies in your product’s unique needs. 


Consider whether your project demands detailed carving or precise cutting and whether it falls on the larger or smaller end of the spectrum. 


Our lineup includes the robust Nova and Bolt for large-scale tasks, while our smaller, yet equally powerful options encompass the Nova 24 and the Thunder Bolt laser machine. 


Your choice should reflect the artistry and dimensions of your vision!

Jewelry Engraving

laser etching ring

When it comes to crafting exquisite jewelry pieces, the choice of laser equipment can make all the difference. Whether you’re designing rings, earrings, necklaces, or other dazzling creations, we have the perfect laser solutions for you.


For delicate and small-scale jewelry, look no further than the Nova 24 and Thunder Bolt models, designed to handle intricate details with finesse.


But if you’re aiming for mass production with uncompromising quality, our Nova and Bolt laser machines step up to the challenge.


And for those who aspire to create stunning metal jewelry that truly shines, the Aurora fiber laser machine stands as the unrivaled choice.


With our range of laser machine options, you can bring your jewelry-making dreams to life, no matter the scale or material.

Thunder Laser Nova

Thunder Laser Bolt

Thunder Laser Aurora

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