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Laser Cutter & Laser Engraver For Wood

Can laser machine engrave and cut wood?

Laser machine can engrave and cut wood. Unlike traditional woodworking tools, laser machines revolutionize projects by seamlessly combining cutting and engraving. Say goodbye to saws, planers, mills, drills, and chisels.


Experience the versatility of a laser engraver for wood—a true game-changer. Whether you prefer calling it a laser etching machine, laser carving machine, or a wood laser cutting machine, it’s the same powerful tool that elevates your woodworking to a whole new level.

Why laser machine?

To understand this issue, the first thing to know is how to achieve a good wood cutting effect. Evaluating wood cutting quality is a breeze when you consider these crucial points:

In theory, laser machines outshine traditional wood cutting tools, boosting both efficiency and quality. Yet, not all lasers are created equal.

Introducing the Thunder laser cutting machine—a game-changer in high-quality wood cutting. Revel in clean, burr-free edges, precisely customized cutting shapes, and a vertical cutting surface. 

What can you create?

- with a laser wood cutter or laser wood engraver
3D arts
laser cut building model
laser cut wood signs
model cutting03

Dive into the limitless possibilities of Thunder Laser equipment! Our state-of-the-art machinery is designed to process a diverse array of wood materials, offering versatility that goes beyond boundaries. Whether you’re crafting intricate decorative structures or everyday essentials, we empower businesses to achieve top-tier woodwork products with unmatched efficiency.

Explore the myriad of items you can create with Thunder Laser and witness the magic of our laser engraver for wood: Laser Cut Wood Art

Choose the best laser cutter for wood

How to laser cut wood?

The maximum cutting depth is determined by the wood material and laser power. Achieving precision with thick wood involves adjusting the cutting speed, but be cautious as it might lead to burning. Experiment with large-sized lenses and a repeated laser wood cutting method for specific operations.


Laser cut wood into diverse shapes using the laser wood cutting machine.


Utilize tools to eliminate uneven edges and cleanse the surface from oil contamination. To finish, explore a palette of dyes to add vibrant colors to the wood.


Embark on the stacking and adhesion process for a flawless finish.

The best laser wood cutter

Creating stunning laser wood art requires precision, and a high-end laser cutter for wood is the key to achieving perfection. The challenge intensifies with a low-end laser carving machine, making the process less than ideal.


The real struggle lies in dedicating time and effort to every detail. You’re not just designing a program or breaking down a drawing; you’re also managing a stacking program and, well, a cleanup program. This means investing extra in small parts. If you’re up for the challenge, go for it!


However, if you’re serious about laser wood as a business or consider yourself a high-quality laser enthusiast, the ultimate solution is a top-notch CO2 CNC laser machine. Not only does it save over half of your time, but it also minimizes the cleanup hassle, making it a breeze to craft wood carvings ready for sale. Our recommendation? The Thunder Laser Nova Laser Cutting Machine for unparalleled quality.

thunder laser nova 24
thunder laser nova 24
thunder laser nova 35
Thunder laser nova 35
thunder laser nova 51
thunder laser nova 51
thunder laser nova 63
thunder laser nova 63

Thunder Laser Maximum thickness of wood for laser cutting

NOVA24(45w)NOVA35(80w)NOVA51(130w)ODIN32(55w)Thunder Bolt(30w)
Solid wood10mm 20mm 20mm+ 20mm 10mm
MDF 10mm15mm15mm10mm10mm

Choose the best laser engraver for wood

wooden engraved gift
wooden engraving gift

How to laser engrave wood?

Behold these mesmerizing wood engraving designs crafted with a top-tier laser engraver for wood. The process is a breeze – just design your drawings using Lightburn software, send them to the machine, and let the magic unfold. Once the carving is complete, a simple wipe with a piece of cloth is all it takes to prep them for sale. Effortless creation meets stunning results!

The best laser wood engraver

Marvel at the exquisite precision of these laser-engraved products, where even the shadow threads are intricately captured, creating a remarkably realistic effect. This level of craftsmanship is leagues away from what a low-end laser engraver for wood can achieve.


Enter the realm of artistry with the Thunder Laser engraver for wood boasting speeds up to 2000mm/s. In just a matter of tens of minutes, you can witness the transformation of wood into a masterpiece. The high-end Thunder Laser engraver for wood effortlessly propels you into the realm of mastery. Our top pick? The Thunder Laser Odin Laser Engraving Machine, a gateway to unparalleled artistry.

Thunder laser bolt
odin 22 laser engraver
odin 32 laser engraver

Advantages of Thunder Laser machines

Easy To Use

1. Lightburn, Rdworks

2. Automatic focusing

3. Touchscreen interface

Green & Safety

1. Smart sensors control

2. The exhaust system

3. Minimizes noise

4. CE Level 1 


1. Nova up to 1000mm/s 

2. Odin up to 2000mm/s 

3. Aurora up to 8000mm/s


Upgrade Creation

1. 3D engraving

2. High-precision carving

3. Accurate modeling

Thunder Laser parameter for laser wood

The following parameters of basswood plywood on Thunder Laser Nova 35 are provided for reference. It’s advisable to conduct small-scale tests and adjust parameters accordingly for your specific needs. 

Named layersSpeed (mm/S)Power(%)DirectionLine Interval/DPIBlow TypeBlow Value
Shallow carving(image)50010Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.1
Shallow carving(text)50010Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.1
Shallow carving(label)5008Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.1
Running a line405 (Corner power5)Horizontal Double weakbelow 0.1
Cutting4575 strong8

Find the best wood for laser engraving or cutting

The world of laser engraving for wood opens up to a vast array of possibilities with hundreds of wood materials available in the market. A high-quality laser engraver for wood can work its magic on various materials, turning them into stunning creations. Among the commonly used materials in laser processing are plywood, solid wood boards, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).
laser engraving on wood1


Plywood, also known as multi-layer board or laminated board, is a multi-layered material made by gluing together veneers that are sliced from wood segments or thin wood that is planed from timber. Plywood is a type of wood commonly used in a wood laser engraver and Usually 3 layers.

Compared to solid wood boards of the same thickness, plywood has the advantages of high strength, and resistance to breaking, shrinking, and warping. It has a yellow-white color and light texture. laser wood engraving on poplar plywood will result in clear and attractive wood patterns. The wood is soft, with moderate hardness, and performs well in laser machining. laser wood cutting can create extremely fine shapes, and the cuts are smoother, making it convenient for polishing and assembly.
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Solid Wood
laser solid wood engraving

Solid Wood

Solid wood boards are made from complete wood pieces (logs). They are such as walnut boards, cherry boards, maple boards, ash boards, pine boards, bamboo boards, etc.


Solid wood boards are very sturdy. High strength and hardness are advantages for their application, but they make wood carving and cutting a challenge. But for a laser engraver for wood, carving and cutting are very easy. As a sharp tool, a laser engraver for wood can handle various levels of hardness, cutting through even the toughest wood materials with sufficient energy.

laser cut MDF


MDF is a Medium-Density Fiberboard. Also known as fiberboard, is made from wood fibers or other plant fibers mixed with synthetic resins and pressed into boards. In addition to MDF, the Density Fiberboard also includes low-density fiberboard (LDF), and high-density fiberboard (HDF). Due to MDF’s uniform structure, stable performance, and ease of processing, It is more suitable than LDF and HDF for laser processing in laser engraver for wood.

How to choose wood for laser engraving?

Laser engraving wood, it operates on the principle of harnessing laser energy to char the wood surface, creating striking contrasts with the original wood color and forming intricate patterns.


In essence, any wood with a smooth surface can undergo laser engraving using a dedicated laser engraver for wood. Elevate the final product by incorporating additional steps such as polishing, coloring, and painting, transforming the wood into beautiful and intricate carvings.

Achieving a strong contrast with wood color relies on selecting woods with higher resin content, which result in deeper engraving marks. 

For light laser carving, opt for woods like Maple with its lighter color, offering gradual darkening over time. Cherry wood, renowned for its beautiful grain patterns and color, delivers deeper and more uniform engravings.
On the flip side, dark woods such as Walnut can be creatively utilized for deep vector engraving and 3D relief. The key is ensuring a smooth surface.

How to choose wood for laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a versatile method applicable to a wide range of wood types. Generally, the thinner the wooden board, the more straightforward the cutting process becomes. Optimal results are achieved with wooden boards featuring a flat surface and resistance to deformation, as they are the well-suited wood for laser cutting.

Tips for wood laser engraving and cutting

When cutting thicker wood using a laser engraver for wood, the desired results can be attained through various settings:

1. Increase power:

Higher power allows the laser to cut through thicker wood.

2. Slow down speed:

Slower speeds provide more laser energy to the wood per unit of time, enabling cuts through thicker material. When using high power and slow speed for cutting thicker wood, use maximum air assist to prevent overheating.

3. Multiple passes:

For exceptionally thick wood, if increasing power and slowing speed still don’t achieve the desired result, try multiple passes. Be cautious not to move the material between passes to ensure overlapping paths.

4. Use a longer focal lens:

Consider using a 4.0” or 2.5” lens for cutting thick wood. Adjust the laser focus from the surface to the interior of the wood to create smoother edges.

5. Avoid knots:

Knots in wood are usually harder to cut through. Pay attention to avoiding them during cutting.

Air assist in laser machines serves several purposes:
1. Reduces the temperature of the cutting seam, preventing it from catching fire due to high temperatures.
2. Blows away smoke and debris, preventing contamination of the lens.
3. Removes molten material to keep the cutting surface smooth.

During laser cutting a laser engraver for wood, may create burn marks on the backside of the material. To minimize this effect, the following tip:
1. Optimizing cutting parameters.
2. Increase the speed (which can result in multiple passes)
3. Lower the power
4. Enhanced air assist to lower the temperature and avoid excessive burning.

You may need to sand the surface of the wood after engraving. Grinding should be done lightly and do not use pressure down. The surface after the first grinding is slightly rough, but after the next grinding it becomes smooth, and the last grinding will remove the remaining rough traces.

First, using 3/0 sandpaper

Use rough sandpaper when grinding – for most wood, you want to use 3/0 sandpaper,

Second, using 4/0 sandpaper

For some very soft wood, such as pinewood or yellow wood, use 4/0 sandpaper.

Finally, using 5/0 or 6/0 sand paper

Gradually replace with 5/0 sandpapers, and finally use 6/0 sandpapers.
Although theoretically, the sandpaper is more thin, the surface of the grinding wood is smoother, but using too thin sandpaper will not only block the thin holes but also affect the effect of the paint. So, you may need to use different sand according to your need.

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