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The Guide For Laser Cork Carving And Cutting

What is a cork sheet?

batch cork

Cork, sourced from the specialized cork oak tree, is the foundation for a wide range of versatile cork products. Its cellular structure, resembling honeycombs, holds resin and tannin chemicals, delivering remarkable features like elasticity, sealing ability, thermal and sound insulation, electrical insulation, and resistance to friction.


With its lightweight nature, pleasant touch, non-toxic composition, and fire-resistant properties, cork stands unmatched among wooden alternatives.


In the realm of laser processing, laser cork carving shines bright. Laser technology delicately engraves intricate designs onto cork surfaces in the co2 laser cutter, producing visually captivating masterpieces.

Features of cork material

Unlike other wood species that are prone to decay and mold when exposed to the elements, the cork tree doesn’t possess any mystical properties that set it apart from other types of wood.


However, cork does require a specific treatment method that involves exposure to wind, rain, and air for more than six months. Following a three-week indoor storage period and a boiling water tank treatment at 100°C, the cork is ready for further processing into a wide range of commonly used laser cork carving products or cork cutting products in a co2 laser cutter.

Advantage of laser cork carving sheet with the co2 laser cutter

The optimal approach for working with cork involves utilizing laser engraving techniques on the cork. Here are the advantages of cork laser engraving :

Most favorite laser cork products 2023

The most popular cork laser goods this year are those that have been laser treated.

The popular cork hat worn by Australians, adorned with cork brims, can easily catch the attention of your customers by laser cork carving various patterns on it. This laser engraving cork technique allows your cork cap to stand out and make an immediate impression on consumers.

australian laser cork hat

Bottle and cork wine bars are always very popular. You can consider incorporating intriguing cork carvings. By introducing a line of red wines accompanied by unique and visually appealing cork designs. You have the opportunity to create a laser cork carving sought-after collection using a co2 laser cutter that will attract enthusiastic customers as popular as bottle lights with cork.

laser cork and bottle
bottle lights with cork laser

More and more people are fond of exquisite living, and laser engraved cork coasters with exquisite patterns are also becoming more and more popular. Placing the cup on a laser cork carving pad made by a co2 laser cutter can prevent damage and allow you to enjoy the patterns you like, which means you can provide customization.

A poll revealed that installing a message board indoors or outdoors could boost foot traffic, and many people are looking for cork noticeboards. Unquestionably, cork laser-cutting message boards with unique designs and shapes can better stoke consumers’ desire to purchase.
cork notic board

For those looking to express their creativity in home design, cork laser carving, and cutting walls is an exciting option, including laser-engraving cork maps and cork wall tiles.

Best laser engraver for laser cork carving

Revolutionize your laser cork carving experience with the Thunder Laser Nova 35 100watt’s strong power, which ensures you Say goodbye to incomplete cuts, unclear carving, and messy edges.


What is Thunder Laser Nova 35 of 100watt? It is our Thunder laser Nova 35 engrave laser machines which is also a co2 laser cutter and it contains Our spacious laser room workstation with 900 x 600 mm. It also contains convenient through doors not only save you time and reduce material waste but also elevate the quality of your cork goods.


With a blazing fast speed of up to 1000mm/s, achieve precise and high-quality engravings like never before.

Compared to other general co2 laser cutter machines on the market that take nearly an hour to laser cut cork and engrave cork roll, Thunder laser Nova 35 only takes a few minutes and is cleaner and more refined.


Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can maximize your productivity and enhance your laser cork carving creations with the Thunder laser Nova 35!


For laser cutting cork, Thunder laser Nova 35 advises a speed and power of 50/60, and for laser cork carving, 1000/15. While laser-cut cork with high-pressure air blowing can produce work that is crisper and cleaner, engraving typically calls for low air blowing.

There can be multiple suitable laser parameters, and you can also debug your favorite parameters as needed.
How to start your laser cut projects?

Tips on laser cork carving coasters in the co2 laser cutter

How does laser cork carving coasters and painted color on cork?

To achieve a clean and precise paint line on the cork pad, we recommend wrapping it with high-quality painter’s tape. This ensures that only the desired areas are painted, while the edges remain untouched for a polished finish.

Once the tape is in place, you have the freedom to paint both sides of the laser cork carving pad with your preferred shade. Thanks to the outstanding adherence of the paint to the cork surface, your chosen color will become a permanent part of the pad.


For a truly customized touch, feel free to design to laser cut cork and engrave cork intricate and easily remove any residual dust with clean water, resulting in a beautifully tailored cork placemat.

How to clean cork to obtain clean laser cork carving products?

Gently sand cork laser product with a sanding block and 600 grit sandpaper and blow it off with compressed air and reseal with matte polyurethane. Dry spray it from far back, just lightly fog it on.

Another method is to try to wipe with white vinegar or denatured alcohol.

After laser cork carving with a co2 laser cutter, it is also a good idea to clean it with soap and water, and it comes out clean… just let it air dry.

How to laser cork carving coasters batch with a CO2 laser cutter?

With the laser camera Or make a jig.

You just need to lay out the dimensions on rd works then set the origin in the co2 laser cutter. You can check if you capture the whole area by clicking the frame button.


Once you set up you’ve put a tape marking on a corner where you’ll just place the next coasters and just push start. Like a factory to make the best cork coasters.

How have cork sheets adhered?

The cork now comes with its convenient adhesive. Simply tear it open, apply it to the wall, and you’re good to go. Make sure the surface is flat and clean, suitable for latex paint or leaving white.


After laser cutting and laser cork carving board with a CO2 laser cutting machine, the strong adhesive can be evenly applied to the designated wall surface, with a focus on the edges to maintain stability. Once mounted, tap it securely in place. Enjoy securely fastened corkboard sheets!

Why do our customers choose Thunderlaser?

You can create exceptional cork laser items with top-quality equipment.

The Thunder laser engraving and cutting machine stands out with over 40 patents, including utility models, inventions, and appearances.

It ranks among the top three high-end co2 laser cutters in the USA, with FDA, RoHS, and CE certifications.
Our prestigious clients, including Google, Harvard University, Space X, and Columbia University, highly recommend us.

In the USA, the Thunder laser Nova 35 is the go-to mid-range laser machine, while we also offer the more powerful Nova and faster acceleration Thunder laser Odin series. No matter your laser needs, we have a CO2 laser machine model to support your laser career.

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