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Laser Cut Abs Plastic: All You Need To Know

What is abs plastic?

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Abs plastic, known for its acronym acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene, is a revolutionary material that has brought innovation to the world of boards.


Its distinct composition of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene copolymer has positioned it as one of the most widely used and produced polymers.

This flexible and thin material offers remarkable versatility, allowing for easy cutting, bending, heat-stamping, and sawing. 


Abs plastic sheets are particularly ideal for laser cutting and carving and laser engraving abs plastic can create intricate designs by removing pigment and revealing the background color in a cnc laser engraver. The material lends itself to both mechanical and laser shaping processes, making it an adaptable choice for various creative applications.

What can abs laser cutting and engraving create?

Cnc laser engraver is the best way to laser cut abs plastic and  engrave plastic but what laser engraved products we can  create with abs palstic? Here are some of they are.

What sets your products apart from the competition is the use of imaginative and eye-catching designs, like carved signage or laser-cut wedding invitations. Laser cut abs plastic and carve abs to make incorporate intriguing decorations, By that your products will capture people’s attention and draw them toward your establishment.

Additionally, laser cut abs plastic offer a great option for creating customized  items like wall art, laser engraved gifts, and stylish accessories such as wolf-and-moon earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

With a high-speed, high-precision cnc laser engraver engraving, you can laser cut abs plastic to make high-quality abs plastic sheet goods in large quantities rapidly. Including electronic device accessories like mobile phone covers and pendants like laser engraving gun accessories.

abs plastic sign
plastic laser engraved gifts

The best-price abs plastic cnc laser engraver

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to laser cut abs plastic and to have plastic engraving? Look no further than Thunder Laser, with over ten years of experience in the laser business.It has the best cnc machine for small business.


We’ve built a comprehensive after-sales service system and supply chain, so you can trust that we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


Our competitive pricing, with price only accounting for 2/3 of high-end brands’ prices, and regional warehouses in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. And that makes us one of the top three most competitively priced high-end laser engraving and cutting equipment in the country.


We’re proud to be the first CE one Level certified cnc laser engraver brand in Europe, and our CO2 laser machines are among the fastest on the market with a top speed of 2000mm/s

Despite this speed, we ensure that our cnc laser engraver maintains high accuracy in laser cut abs plastic, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for efficiency.


With our high-performance machine, you can reduce your cost of laser cut abs plastic by up to 67% compared to other brands without compromising functionality or output quality.

Check out our video to see our cnc laser engraver in action and join the many satisfied customers who trust Thunder Laser for their laser engraving and cutting needs.

The advantages of Thunder Laser cnc laser engraver to laser cut abs sheet

Easy to use:

With a patented laser smooth guide rail, this CNC machine tool can laser cut abs plastic and carve abs easily.

Bigger work space:

Unlike the limited space of Glowforge laser equipment, the Thunder Laser boasts the largest workspace of 1600x1000mm, enabling you to create large-scale designs with ease.

Dual-pass door:

Plus, with the dual-pass door, you can try to laser cut abs plastic to different design lengths to find the perfect fit for your business.

More green:

Say goodbye to bothersome smoke and dust during laser cutting and carving with Thunder Laser’s dual air assistance system, a patented feature that reduces noise and saves energy. That is also one of the most important laser cut key factors.

Ensure your safety:

Thunder Laser is the cnc machine best brand and it’s laser abs cutter device is also equipped with basic safety features to ensure the safety of the machine operator. They are include circuit breakers, grounding lines, emergency stops, alarm lights, and an 8-fold open cover protective window but not just these.

Which cnc laser engraver is suitable for your abs project?

Whether you are looking to laser engrave or laser cut abs plastic, both the NOVA and ODIN series of  Thunder Laser machines are capable of handling the task with ease. However, each series has its unique strengths.

The ODIN cnc laser engraver, with its lightning-fast processing speed and precise laser control laser engraver for metal, is ideal for achieving exceptional results in sheet carving.


On the other hand, my NOVA  thanks to its greater laser power and larger processing platform, allows for cutting even through the pass-through doors.

Ultimately, the choice of which series to select depends on the specific focus of your job. Whether you prioritize speed and precision or laser power and platform size, Thunder Laser has a cnc laser engraver machine that can meet your needs.

Engraving bright laser eyes png with Nova 35 laser cutter

Let me tell you how to make a bright laser eyes png in a thunder laser cnc laser engraver.

recommended parameter

Named layersSpeed (mm/S)Single and DoubleDirectionLine Interval/DPIBlow TypeBlow Value
Shallow carving(image)50015Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.1
Shallow carving(text)50018Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.2
Shallow carving(label)50020Horizontal Double300weakbelow 0.3
Running a line10010 (Corner power5)Horizontal Double weakbelow 0.4
Cutting(internally)2555 strong8
laser eyes png

To laser cut abs plastic using these tips

How to cut abs plastic sheet to avoid melting deformation?

Because abs plastic has a lower melting point, it’s prone to melting and warping if the laser power goes overboard. Fortunately, there are ways to steer clear of this hassle:


1. To dodge those melting mishaps when you laser cut abs plastic in a cnc laser engraver, opt for the right laser power during processing and carving. Steer clear of excessive power, and keep that material cutting seam temperature in check.


2. Adjust the blowing value – just remember, don’t go too sluggish or sudden with the speed. Smooth and steady wins the race here. Cut that material in three or four stages to keep the edges sharp and melt-free.


3. Sometimes, that abs plastic board might give in to some bending after heavy-duty carving. No biggie – a little hot water and manual finessing will have it back in line.

Why don't you use alcohol to wipe after abs laser cutting?

laser cut abs plastic in a cnc laser engraver is a good choice but it’s a bad habit for using alcohol to wipe abs board after laser cutting abs plastic, because it’s no match for the 2 color engraving plastic.


1. Watch out, as alcohol can put abs plastic on the fast track to deterioration, especially when it’s packing a punch in the alcohol content department. Hit abs with too much alcohol power during wiping, and you might find those plastic objects breaking or taking on new shapes.


2. ABS plastic has a bit of a soft spot for alcohol – and not in a good way. Extended exposure to alcohol gives abs a run for its money. Expect reduced hardness, increased brittleness, and a higher likelihood of breakage and other not-so-great outcomes.


In a nutshell, using alcohol to scrub abs plastic is a no-go. For a clean two color plastic for engraving, pick a cleaning buddy that’s a better match for the surface at hand.

How to clean it after laser cutting or engraving abs?

Once you’ve worked your magic on that abs plastic board, giving it a clean sweep is a breeze. Just grab a damp cloth or some trusty alcohol, and wipe that surface clean. 


But here’s the lowdown: if your laser power setting went a little overboard during carving in a cnc laser engraver, brace yourself for a clingy layer of stubborn smoke and dust. It’s like they’re hanging on for dear life on the surface of that abs plastic sheet, making it a tad more challenging to wipe away.

How to save these board when not need to laser cut abs plastic?

1. Keep those boards out of the spotlight – direct sunlight, heat sources, and moisture are no friends of theirs. Instead, find them a cozy spot at room temperature in a dry haven.


2. Before you laser cut abs plastic, do yourself a favor and let that protective film stay put. Trust us, static electricity’s no joke – it’s just waiting to attract all sorts of daily dust and grime to that plastic surface. Plus, that shielding film doubles down, guarding the board from scuffs and scratches.


3. Give that board some tender love – keep it flat, no bending allowed. This is all about preventing those annoying warps from creeping in.

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