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ABS plastic sheet laser engraving and cutting

What is abs plastic?

ABS plastic board is the latest material revolutionizing the board industry. Its unique composition of acrylonitrile/butadiene and styrene copolymer has made it the most widely produced and used polymer. 

With its ease of use, this thin and flexible material can be easily sawed, bent, heat-stamped, or cut. ABS  board is particularly suitable for surface abs plastic laser carving, creating a print-like impression by removing pigment and exposing the background color. 

The material can be shaped using mechanical or laser processes, making it a versatile option for a range of creative applications.

Is abs materials plastic ?

ABS sheets are plastic boards ,and they come in various types.

What is abs plastic used for ?

ABS plastic sheets are an incredibly versatile material that can be used to create a wide range of products, from everyday necessities like cups, mirrors, and kitchenware to precision parts in industrial and medical fields.
What sets your products apart from the competition is the use of imaginative and eye-catching designs, like carved signage or laser cut wedding invitations. By incorporating intriguing decorations made from ABS plastic, your products will capture people’s attention and draw them towards your establishment.

Additionally, ABS plastic offers a great option for creating customised items like wall art, laser engraved gifts, and stylish accessories such as wolfandmoon earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

With a high-speed, high-precision engraving and cutting machine, you can make high-quality goods in large quantities rapidly. Including electronic device accessories like mobile phone covers and pendants like laser engraving gun accessories.
abs plastic sign
abs plastic laser cut key ring
laser engraving plastics man
plastic laser engraved gifts

ABS laser somthing you must know

As a buyer or seller of laser cutting machines, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in technology. 

Since 2015, the market for laser cutting machines has steadily expanded, and experts predict that this trend will continue until 2024. In order to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profits, it’s crucial to invest in modern technologies.

By adopting high-precision, high-speed laser cutting equipment, you can increase productivity and improve product quality. With the right equipment, you can launch a successful laser engraved products business and quickly recover your investment. 


So don’t miss out on the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market and attract more customers by incorporating ABS plastic into your laser engraved products offerings.

The best-price laser plastic engraving machine

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your laser engraving and cutting needs? Look no further than Thunder Laser, with over ten years of experience in the laser business. 


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Our competitive pricing, with price only accounting for 2/3 of high-end brands’ prices, and regional warehouses in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. And that make us one of the top three most competitively priced high-end laser engraving and cutting equipment in the country.

We’re proud to be the first CE-certified laser engraving and cutting machine brand in Europe, and our CO2 laser machines are among the fastest on the market with a top speed of 2000mm/s



Despite this speed, we ensure that our machines maintain high accuracy in engraving, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for efficiency. 



With our high-performance machines, you can reduce your cost of laser cutting by up to 67% compared to other brands without compromising on functionality or output quality. 



Check out our video to see our machines in action and join the many satisfied customers who trust Thunder Laser for their laser engraving and cutting needs.

What advantages can you gain from the Thunder laser cutting machine for making art of abs?

Looking to create stunning art pieces with ABS plastic? Look no further than the Thunder Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine.
Investing in the Thunder Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine means you can engrave and slice ABS plastic materials safely, efficiently, and with high precision. Don’t let smoke and dust hinder your creativity – choose Thunder Laser for your next art project.

Which thunder laser cutter machine danmark or other parts of the world is suitable my plastic project ?

Whether you are looking to slice or carve ABS plastic sheets, both the NOVA and ODIN series of  Thunder Laser machines are capable of handling the task with ease. However, each series has its own unique strengths.

The ODIN series, with its lightning-fast processing speed and precise laser control than laser engraver for metal, is ideal for achieving exceptional results in sheet carving. 

On the other hand, my NOVA  thanks to its greater laser power and larger processing platform, which allows for cutting even through doors.

Ultimately, the choice of which series to select depends on the specific focus of your job. Whether you prioritize speed and precision or laser power and platform size, Thunder Laser has a machine that can meet your needs.

Engraving a bright laser eyes png in nova 35 laser cutter

Let me tell you how to make a bright laser eyes png in a thunder laser machine.

How to carve a bright laser eyes png with ABS plastic board in my nova?

The material of the double process color abs plastic board itself has an impact on the cutting outcome. Local variations due to variations in origin, batch, production process, etc.,  may exist even for dual color boards of the same type and thickness, ultimately altering the cutting effect.

recommended parameter

named layers

Speed (mm/S)

Power (%)

Single and Double  Direction

Line Interval/DPI

Blow Type

Blow Value

shallow carving(image)



Horizontal Double



below 0.1

The shallow carving(text)



Horizontal Double



below 0.2

 Shallow carving(label)



Horizontal Double



below 0.3

running a line


10(Corner power5)

Horizontal Double



below 0.4








How is it a bright laser eye png on engraving black abs?

1.  Image section
It should be the final result which the carving should be a clean, non-blackening effect, with features retained and bright areas of the image.


2.  Lettering section

The burned-black appearance of the carved lettering should be distinct and not hazy, and the text should retain all of its details.


3.  Label section

You will find that the final appearance of engraving labels should be one with non-blackening, “shiny” type.


4.  Cutting Section

The most crucial aspect of the cutting section is that neither the edges nor the cutting surface have burn marks in the back.

laser eyes png

How to avoid melting deformation when laser cutting a abs sheet?

Due to the abs plastic plate’s comparatively low melting point, edge melting deformation is easily caused by excessive laser power. The following actions can avert this circumstance:

1.  To prevent melting marks, the right power should be chosen when processing and carving. Excessive power should be avoided. In order to lower the temperature of the material cutting seam.


2.  You can change the blowing value . It is important to remember that the speed shouldn’t be excessively slow or abrupt. To ensure that the edges of the cut material are flat and free of melting lines, it should be completed in three or four steps.


3.  Maybe the abs plastic board itself  bend after extensive carving. But you can fix it by heating it with hot water and manually flattening it.

Laser Tips for carving the abs plastic sheet in thunderlaser machine

A reliable and professional company must have professional experience. Similarly,professional companies must help you great value.

How to clean the board after laser cutting or engraving?

After carving the abs plastic board, you can clean the surface of the abs plastic board  with a damp cloth or alcohol. It should be noted that if the laser power setting during carving is too high, it may cause a layer of difficult to wipe smoke and dust to adhere to the surface of the abs plastic sheet.

How to save the laser engraving plastics?

1.  Avoid exposing boards to direct sunlight, heat sources, or moisture while storing them. Store them at room temperature in a dry location.

2.  Before using the abs plastic board, leave the protective film on since static electricity can cause daily dust and grime to stick to the surface of the plastic board. The shielding film shields the board from scuffs and abrasion as well.


3.  Keep the board from warping, and store it naturally flat.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of a abs palette?

1.  If the protective film is torn open, discoloration and peeling could happen as a result of the dual color board’s subpar manufacturing process.

2.  Bend a little piece of dual-color board at a 90-degree angle; this mixture is easy to break. The substrate is worse the easier the board is to break.

Why don't you use alcohol to wipe the abs two-tone palette?

Alcohol can sometimes be used to clean the work after carving, but it won’t work on the dual-color board. Alcohol rubbing could harm ABS, because abs sheets are plastic products.

1.  Alcohol may quickly degrade ABS plastic, especially when the alcohol content is high. The surface of ABS plastic objects may break or deform if sufficient or concentrated alcohol is applied during wiping.

2.  ABS plastic is somewhat alcohol sensitive. ABS plastic is somewhat alcohol sensitive. Long-term alcohol exposure will reduce ABS plastic’s hardness, make it brittle, susceptible to breaking, and have other negative effects.

In conclusion, using alcohol to clean ABS plastic objects is not a good idea. It is advised to select a cleaning product appropriate for the surface to be cleaned.

How to collect small fragments on the thunder laser cutting table?

On the honeycomb board platform, there are occasionally a lot of little pieces and fragments after we finish cutting. The only way to pick up these tiny pieces, which are just slightly larger than the honeycomb board, is one at a time, which is incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

We can swiftly, conveniently, and effectively gather small pieces by using a daily lint roller. Small particles will adhere to the roller with gentle rolling; they will then rip off the top paper and discard it. On the honeycomb table, we may easily discard the processing debris.

Small parts or manufacturing waste that is quite light and insignificant are good candidates for this strategy.

roller to collect abs laser fragment

How to make the black color of abs plastic laser engraving more bright?

when you are carving board, darker color abs plastic often produces a lighter gray than black . Right now, we can fix this issue using regular coconut oil.


Coconut oil is different from other oils in that it interacts with plastic very well and, when utilized, darkens the plastic’s black carvings.


Apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to a towel or tissue, then carefully wipe the work until the surface is clean after carving the black core sculpture abs plastic and taking it from the laser. 


After it is finished, you will see that the darkly carved plastic portions will be darker and more uniform, giving the product a more polished aspect. Another advantage is how well the coconut flavor covers up the odor of the sliced abs plastic.

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