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Laser paper cutter and engraver

What is laser paper?

One of the most often used materials in laser applications is paper. In contrast to conventional paper processing equipment, You can practically cut and engrave any paper project in a laser paper cutter machine. After careful usage, they can even take the place of carving knives, art knives, and other instruments, which makes them easy to integrate and significantly increases processing quality and efficiency. 


The laser paper cutter machine can effectively and attractively cut whatever shape you desire, and it works in a quiet setting while effortlessly carving intricate and beautiful patterns and fine lines.


Although there are many different types of paper raw materials available, all of them can be processed by paper laser cutter machine. Colored paper, thick cardboard, etc. are among the common materials used in laser cutting for paper processing. Colored paper is simple to store for a long time. Thick cardboard has excellent hardness and toughness, making it highly suited for laser processing into many lovely and elegant laser-cut paper design projects.

laser cutting paper sample

The market for paper laser cutting

The most popular and widely used laser cutter paper art products on the market are window blossom colored paper, greeting cards, laser-cut wedding invitations, and business cards. You need a quick laser paper cutter machine if you are still bulk-producing gift boxes and greeting cards using conventional techniques.
A laser paper cutter machine can efficiently create high-quality paper products by more precisely carving and cutting every fine edge. You can fill the design with drawings thanks to the preview effect offered by the Lightburn software, which lowers material waste.

If qualified businesses want to increase the productivity of laser paper goods and obtain bigger orders. You should also consider the Odin industrial laser paper cutter machine as well as the engraver machine with twice the Nova speed in addition to the Thunder Nova 51 and Thunder Laser Nova 63 paper cutting machine, both of which may be expanded to greater working areas.

Laser paper cutter machine Odin’s metal RF CO2 laser tube has no maximum age, so you can use it for a long period without having to keep replacing the CO2 laser tube every two years, saving you money.

Additionally, Cake Shop owners can manufacture cake paper and boxes rapidly with extra features for store publicity at any time using the Odin laser machine. That simply takes a few minutes and doesn’t worry about fading at the edges. In this approach, you can get laser cutting paper box service and production more quickly and for less money.

laser paper business card
paper laser engraved gifts
laser cutting paper
laser paper 3D card

The market for laser engraving Paper Art

If people in your environment all like art, they will have a higher appreciation ability and be more willing to pay for more high-end paper engraving art. The high-precision effect of Odin the best etching paper machine is analogous to a camera’s ability to capture every detail. Laser etching paper will have beautiful images on the thunder Odin machine and presenting them on colored hard paper in a different way can be an exciting paper artwork.


This is an engraving on black laser engraving marking paper in Thunder Laser Odin and it’s amazing and Beautiful. I too enjoy high-end paper laser art, and if their costs are reasonable or even a little lower, I’d be pleased to buy them, haha.

black laser engraving marking paper
You can create more delicate custom laser-cut paper gift boxes with gradient colors on the Thunder laser machine. The laser paper cutter machine Odin can help you improve the aesthetic of laser engraving paper products. And it’s High speed also makes for high precision and you may produce exquisite paper life artwork with more local market value because of Thunder Nova’s high precision.
laser paper gift box
laser paper etching

Can you laser cut paper?

You can view the video on laser paper product production and learn how to make paper products on laser paper cutter machine Odin . Here show you how to make 3D birthday paper Card by laser cut cardboard first.

The common parameters for the Thunder laser paper cutter machine

The following parameters of the laser paper-cutting machine Odin 32 are for reference only. For specific use, small-scale testing can be conducted first to adjust the parameters to fit.

named layers

Speed (mm/S)

Power (%)

Single and Double  Direction

Line Interval/DPI

Blow Type

Blow Value

shallow carving



Horizontal Double




deep carving



Horizontal Double











running a line



Horizontal Double




Tips on laser for paper cutting and engraving

How can I use my thunder laser paper cutter machine without setting it on fire?

The following methods can be used to prevent ignition because paper is a combustible material.


1. Make sure the proper frequency, speed, and power are chosen and using too much power can quickly carbonize the cardboard in laser paper cutting machine.


2. Using an air compressor to blow air to provide a flame retardant effect is advised.

How to prevent paper deformation by blowing on a laser paper cutter machine?

Paper, as we all know, has a very low ignition point and is incredibly flammable. Therefore, we advise utilizing a gas air compressor and blowing air to generate a flame-retardant effect. This can make ensure that it is not burned while laser cutting paper in a laser paper cutter machine.


We must select tougher paper such as cardboard, or thick cardboard and it is not advised to choose rice paper and other delicate paper, such as A4 paper.
But what can we do when we need to utilize it for particular demands and need to cut graphics from it? It’s a better method to place A4 paper on top of firm cardboard to prevent blowing while cutting in a laser paper cutting machine.

How to store after finishing the laser in the laser paper cutter machine?

1. Keep the board dry and ventilated in a room temperature setting. The laser machining paper should not be exposed directly to heat, sunlight, or moisture.


2. The storage room must be kept tidy to discourage rodents and insects from devouring paper products.


3. To avoid contamination with dust, which is difficult to remove, the paper material should be laid out properly flat and preferably covered with a plastic protective bag. That is a good storage method to store when not needed to be placed in a laser paper cutter machine for production.

Which one do you want, Thunder Laser Odin or Nova?

laser odin vs nova

Upgraded Thunder Odin 32 v2.0 Laser Engraver

The new and improved Odin 2.0 version is about to be pre-sale. It has an air pump and an exhaust fan in addition to guaranteeing great precision and speed. This implies that you can easily finish the installation without having to install cumbersome extras. 

You can click on the screen control panel because it is touchscreen. The touchscreen of the laser engraving machine is more user-friendly and simple to use which also supports for U disk. 

The laser machine’s working environment has also been updated, becoming more open. It will be the best laser paper cutter and paper engraver and welcome to learn more if you are interested to.

thunder odin
thunder laser odin

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