Laser paper cutter and engraver

Tips on laser paper cutting and engraving

How to avoid catching fire when cutting paper in thunder laser machine?

As paper is a flammable material, the following techniques can be used to avoid ignition.

1. Ensure that the correct frequency, speed, and power are selected, and excessive power can easily carbonize the cardboard.

2. It is recommended to use an air compressor and blow air to achieve flame retardant effect.

A lens with a short focal length will have a positive impact on the results.

How to avoid paper deformation due to blowing during cutting?

We all know that paper is a very easy to catch fire and has an extremely low ignition point. Therefore, in order to ensure that it is not burned during cutting, we suggest using an air compressor and blowing air to achieve a flame retardant effect. However, blowing air can easily deform the paper, and the following techniques can be used to avoid deformation.


When we choose to cut paper materials, we need to choose harder paper, such as cardboard, thick cardboard, etc. It is not recommended to use soft paper such as A4 paper and rice paper.


When we really have special needs and need to use A4 paper to cut graphics, we can place a hard cardboard underneath the A4 paper to ensure that the paper will not be damaged due to blowing during cutting.

How to store paper materials?

1. Store the board at room temperature and in a ventilated and dry environment. It is not advisable to directly expose the paper to sunlight, heat sources, or moisture.


2. To prevent insects and mice from eating paper materials, it is necessary to keep the storage area clean.


3. The paper material should be placed correctly flat and preferably covered with a plastic protective bag to prevent contamination with dust, which is difficult to wipe off.

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