Laser cut and engrave rubber

Tips on laser engrave rubber in thunder laser machine

How to deal with the harmful smoke generated by cutting rubber?

Laser processing of rubber can produce odors and harmful smoke, so it is very important to equip a corresponding strong dust extraction and filtration purification system. The filtration system also needs to be equipped with an activated carbon filter to filter out odors. At the same time, it is recommended to use a top-down method for laser carving to prevent the accumulation of smoke particles from affecting the laser carving effect.

How to choose the right rubber?

The quality of rubber also affects the carving effect, so it is necessary to choose suitable rubber instead of too soft or too hard rubber. This way, lasers with smaller spot sizes will produce better results when carving rubber.

How to clean the carved rubber?

After completing the carving, it is necessary to clean and organize the rubber material to remove residual laser dust and burrs. You can use a brush or cleaning cloth for cleaning, clean with water, or you can use WD-40 precision electrical cleaning agent for better results and smooth treatment.

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