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Plastic Engraving Machine For Plastic Etching And Cutting

What is plastic?

A polymer complex known as plastic is created by adding or condensing monomers as starting components. Resin, which makes up between 40% and 100% of the entire weight of plastic, is the primary component. Some plastics, like organic glass, are primarily made of synthetic resins with no or little additions.


Plastic is one of the most frequently used materials worldwide. And it is also one of the materials utilized most frequently in laser applications. CO2 plastic engraving machine is more accurate and effective than conventional plastic cutter machine equipment for the majority of plastics. The CO2 laser engraver can give you a good solution, whether carving or cutting.

What plastics can be laser cut?

Many people are unaware that while plastic engraving machines can treat the majority of laser plastics, not all plastics are ideal for laser. For instance, laser  PVC  is not recommended because it can release harmful fumes that harm the co2 laser engraver‘s interior. When selecting plastic that can be treated, exercise caution.


You can laser cut plastic include the common  ABS and acrylic because they are both somewhat heat-resistant and stable in the laser cutter for plastic. Two further articles introduce these two materials in detail as well as how they are used in laser processing.

Additionally, there are other plastics that may be processed with a laser, including POM, PET, polycarbonate, and another laser engravable plastic. These websites, including Jds Plastics, sell laser-engraved plastics. The sculptures made of plastic will undoubtedly look fantastic in the future.

Laser plastic-PET

PET (polyester film), is also referred to as biological glass. It is a laser-cutting thin plastic sheet that most people come into touch with on a daily basis. people frequently laser cut plastic pet because of its high hardness.

plastic laser cut PET

Laser plastic-POM

Due to its extremely stable characteristics, which nevertheless maintains strong creep resistance, geometric stability, and impact resistance even at low temperatures. POM Delrin is a very ideal material for laser processing in plastic engraving machines.

plastic laser pom

How to choose a plastic engraving machine?

Many laser creators don’t know how to choose a good CO2 plastic engraving machine as a plastic cutting tool. Of course, there are several judgment points. The strength and speed of co2 laser engraver are the two most important factors. And that most concern laser manufacturers in order to ensure that the carved and cut plastic goods are valued. Much more it can minimize your learning time and material waste in laser processing.


The second crucial factor is that the laser creations processed by the plastic engraving machine be clear and free of imperfections, with high precision and neat and clean edges. The machine’s processing panel’s level, user-friendliness, and safety are other factors to consider.


Here, let me tell you how to pick a good CO2 plastic engraving machine using a small laser engraver called Thunder Nova 24 as an example.

First, make sure the co2 laser engraver is at level

If the work surface is not level, laser etching plastic will have varied depths on the same plane. Obviously, that is not the desired effect and has a significant impact on processing.


If you want to check the levelness of the plastic engraving machine, you can lay a level gauge flat on the Thunder laser Nova 24’s x/y axis. The x- and y-axes of the Thunder Nova 24’s built-in control panel can also be used to move the laser head to each of the four corners of the work area.


You may immediately identify it by determining whether the distance between the laser head and the honeycomb board is constant. The Nova 24 co2 laser engraver is often horizontal. If there is a minor variation, you can also raise or lower the plastic engraving machine’s foot until it is at the correct height.

Check the laser's output quality next

as only lasers with consistent, high-quality output can accuratly laser cut plastic. For quick detection needs, the nova 24 plastic engraving machine control panel has a click-and-light feature. Multiple points about plastic testing materials can be made using this feature. A good laser beam is one that laser printing on plastic some stable, high-quality laser points in which the depth of the point is not changed.

Making a straightforward custom laser engraving plastic test.

By utilizing the light burn svg import software and the proper carving and cutting parameters, make a straightforward plastic test piece. The production time and design complexity are correlated, with the 10mm x 10mm laser work Nova24 typically taking just over ten or even a few minutes.


It is good  that the unique dual air-assist technology works  with the exhaust fan and air pump during the manufacturing process in the co2 laser engraver. Because they can help to quickly remove smoke and impurities produced during the laser cutting plastic manufacturing process in the co2 laser engraver. not only But also they can help to thoroughly laser engrave plastic or laser cut plastic.


The Nova 24 plastic engraving machine generates little to no contaminants and makes a tiny quantity of plastic goods that just need simple wiping or cleaning. But the most general machines on the market leave a big amount of impurities and colors that are challenging to remove.


After cleaning, it is a qualified task to examine the clarity and cleanliness of the laser engraving plastic and the neatness or smoothness of the cutting edges.

The most crucial step is always to confirm the plastic engraving machine's safety.

The first laser device to receive a worldwide CE safety laser 1 class certification  is the Thunder laser nova 24. The co2 laser engraver has a water cooler, a warning light, an emergency stop manual button, and a 5-fold safety laser cover to avoid overheating. You can use it with confidence to protect your safety when working with lasers.

Additionally, laser focus in one direction can be difficult without the proper tools.

The autofocus feature and laser focus features on the Nova 24 plastic engraving machine can also be used to cut down on focus time and significantly increase learning and processing effectiveness.

How to laser cut plastic in plastic engraving machine?

The website’s video menu, which includes movies of many documents and works about the plastic laser production  in plastic engraving machine, is accessible.

Additionally, you may follow the Thunder Laser channel on YouTube, where the most recent co2 laser engraver laser  videos and the videos made by our clients are constantly posted.

You can also apply to join our Facebook group named “Thunder laser fans page, laser cutter”.  The top laser-making masters are always accessible to answer your  questions about laser plastic on our Facebook group.

How to engrave plastic delrin to make a leather mold in a co2 laser engraver?

Before cutting leather in a plastic cutting machine, wrap it on both sides with textured paper and remove any air bubbles to avoid damage and too much heat. Use a vacuum platform when cutting leather in plastic engraving machine. Making your own vacuum platform is preferable, making sure to give room for material arrangement.


We can engrave plastic POM board in two steps in order to prevent melting or distortion brought on by an excessive amount of heat accumulation. Cleanse with a brush in fresh water after plastic etching in the plastic engraving machine.


Finally, to get the ideal laser cut project, put the leather and embossing mold in the press together with the leather underneath and the mold above. To manufacture leather goods with various designs and obtain concave or convex leather textures, you can modify the image file.

laser plastic delrin key
laser leather board

Tips on laser cutting and etching plastic in the plastic engraving machine

How to avoid the heat impacts when laser cutting plastic?

The vertical and horizontal lines caused by the thermal impact will be replaced very smoothly if we change the work from black to 60% or 70% gray. The impact of the half-tone background will look great.

How to cut plastic in the co2 laser engraver if the board warps?

A board may be bent or some plastics may be relatively thin and prone to not adhering to the workbench of the CO2 plastic engraving machine. In this situation, we can push the board with air pressure and a vacuum platform. If there isn’t a vacuum platform in the co2 laser engraver, a basic vacuum platform can be made out of other materials. You can push it into the workbench of the co2 laser engraver to laser produces more exquisite and attractive work.

How to store it After laser engraving plastic?

Following are some examples of appropriate plates for plastic engraving machines and the storage needs for each:

1. Storing POM plastic laser materials

You can store the POM  in a dry location as long as your storage conditions are dry, cool, dark, and vented. The POM also can be stored in a zipped bag and then placed in a dry location.

2. Storage method for PET (polyester film)

What our customers say about Thunder Nova 24


Nova 24 is the small CO2 plastic engraving machine among Thunder laser machines. It is a small desktop laser engraver and it is very suitable for new laser creators and hobbyists if they do not have the need for large-area processing.


All Thunder Laser machines, including the Thunder Laser Nova with a maximum power of 130 watts and the Odin Star CO2 laser engraver. Thunder laser Odin has a top speed of 2000 mm/s and shares the favorable configuration of Nova 24.


A decent plastic engraving machine should be chosen not only for its great quality but also for the delivery and after-sales support provided by the business.


Thunder Laser is ten years old standing in the shoes of its customers, emphasizing quality and customer care. We are always committed to assisting our clients in enhancing the laser experience and growing the industry.

thunder nova24
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