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Laser Engraving-Acrylic Medal

January 3, 2024


Come and craft a unique acrylic medal! Unlike heavy gold, silver, or bronze prizes, acrylic is light and transparent for great effects. Laser-etching a personalized medal allows you to finally award yourself for those small wins. Design your own patterns, text, and sizing to make a medal for yourself or a friend – a meaningful commemorative gift! Feel pride wearing or displaying your self-awarded badge of honor.

Machine Used

Odin 22 30w

Material Needed

  • A piece of acrylic board
  • A neck ribbon


  • Cutting Speed:6mm/s
  • Cutting Power:70%
  • Engraving Speed:1500mm/s
  • Engraving Power:30%
  • DPI:335DPI

Step 1

Import the file into LightBurn, adjust the size, position, and settings. Check out to ensure everything is in order.
acrylic medal settings

Step 2

acrylic medal 2
Once everything is set, click ‘Print’ to initiate your laser machine’s operation.

Step 3

acrylic medal 3
Take out your neck ribbon, thread it through the small hole on the medal, adjust its position. Then the acrylic medal is ready for use.

Come and Try!

Medals seem reserved only for formal competitions, while certificates are more common awards. But have you considered DIY medals? Even outside official contests, your life’s accomplishments deserve acclaim! Strengths, talents, minor achievements, meeting goals – all merit praise. A medal makes a ceremonial memento, fun to create for yourself or others.

Let the engraved shapes and letters commemorate a hobby milestone or fitness breakthrough. Acrylic’s crystal clarity ensures your design shines through. As light dances across the laser-etched surface, your creation refracts celebratory sparkles. Everyone deserves occasional self-congratulations!

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