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Laser Marking-Charging Brick

March 12, 2024


Let’s customize a charging brick with laser engraving! Our phones are daily essentials, and the charging process is an unavoidable routine. We’ve designed a pixelated pattern, with the hearts below filling up like life flowing in – mimicking phone charging in a fun, unique way that adds delight to this mundane task.

Machine Used

Aurora 20w

Material Needed

A plastic charging plug


  • Marking Speed:1200mm/s
  • Marking Frequency: 30kHz
  • Engraving Power:40%
  • Pulse Width: 68ns
  • DPI:0.04DPI

Step 1

Import the file into LightBurn, adjust the size, position, and settings. Check out to ensure everything is in order.
laser engraving charging brick 1

Step 2

laser engraving charging brick 2
Cut out a hole in the wooden board the size of the charging plug to secure it, and insert it into the hole.

Step 3

laser engraving charging brick 3
Once everything is set, click ‘Print’ to initiate your laser machine’s operation.

Come and Try!

Picture plugging in your laser-etched charger, watching the hearts animate from empty outlines to vibrant fills as your device’s battery level climbs. The simplistic pixel art style evokes nostalgia and whimsy. As the engravings glow softly from the brick’s surface, you’ll feel charmed witnessing your phone “reviving” before your eyes.

More than mere functionality, this customized charging block becomes an entertaining experience and desk decoration. Reimagine basic electronics as creative canvases using laser precision. With some personalized panache, obligatory phone charging transitions from chore to moment of charmed rejuvenation!

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