laser engraver for metal

Tips on laser metal in thunder laser machine

How can stainless steel obtain a non sticking seam?

Although stainless steel cutting can achieve satisfactory cutting results, it is difficult to achieve a completely slag free cutting seam. Therefore, high-pressure nitrogen gas and laser beam coaxial injection are often used to blow away molten metal and prevent the formation of any oxides on the cutting surface. This is a great method, but it has a higher cost compared to traditional oxygen cutting. One method that can replace pure nitrogen is to use filtered workshop compressed air, which is composed of 78% nitrogen.

Why can co2 laser machines carve anodized aluminum oxide?

Carbon dioxide laser machines generally cannot carve metal because the laser is reflected by the metal, which cannot achieve the effect of carving. However, the surface of anodized aluminum oxide has a dense oxide film, and laser processing mainly involves carving this layer of oxide film, not directly touching the aluminum itself, so it can carve strong and exquisite patterns. When you need to use a carbon dioxide laser machine to carve a metal, you can try painting or laminating the surface, which may have unexpected good effects

How to laser engraving stainless steel to carve black patterns?

In principle, carbon dioxide laser machines cannot carve stainless steel because it is a high reflective material. However, we can process the shape we like by coating or painting the stainless steel bottle and then laser engraving. We can spray three coats of dry molybdenum lubricating oil on the black pattern, wait for 15 minutes to dry thoroughly, and then perform laser engraving. We can also clean excess black lubricating oil with clean water, but using a varnish thinner will be more efficient.

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