CO2 And Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal

Can laser engraver engrave metal?

laser marking metal jewelry
While a laser machine can engrave metal, not every type possesses this capability. Both CO2 laser engravers and fiber laser engravers have proven effectiveness in metal engraving, making them prevalent choices in the laser processing industry. Laser engraving, with its ability to create delicate and intricate patterns as well as text on metal surfaces, finds applications across multiple industries.

Which metal laser engraving machine can you choose?

Diode laser engraver

Diode laser machines, while capable of engraving metal, come with limitations. Their lower power and affordable pricing make them suitable for beginners. However, it’s essential to note that their beam quality is inferior to CO2 lasers. Most diode laser machines are categorized as low-end, typically featuring small volumes and limited carved product quality.


These machines face challenges in batch engraving, hindering their ability to achieve high precision and clear carving. Thunder Laser, recognizing these limitations, opts not to produce diode laser machines. Instead, we focus on providing advanced solutions that meet the demands of users seeking high-quality, precise metal engraving.

CO2 CNC laser engraver

While CO2 laser machines are not inherently designed for engraving metal, they excel at carving metal products with coatings. This is achieved by utilizing the CO2 laser to evaporate the coating on the metal surface, creating intricate and detailed designs.


CO2 laser machines typically boast higher power compared to diode laser machines, providing a larger volume and enabling efficient batch engraving. Beyond their metal capabilities, these versatile machines can also engrave over 12 materials, including popular choices such as wood, acrylic, plastic, and glass.


The Thunder Laser Nova Laser Cutting Machine and Odin Laser Engraving Machine are exceptional examples of CO2 laser technology. They are adept at carving coated metal and also support rotary carving, allowing you to create personalized designs on items like tumblers.

thunder laser nova 35
Thunder laser nova 35
Thunder Laser odin32

Fiber laser engraver

The optimal choice for metal carving and marking, a laser marking machine doubles as an efficient metal marking tool. The laser induces chemical reactions on metal surfaces, resulting in a spectrum of colors for engraving fonts and intricate patterns.


Fiber laser machines, designed specifically for metal applications, typically have a standard power level that falls between that of CO2 and diode laser machines. While not as high-powered as CO2 lasers, they surpass the capabilities of diode lasers.


Enter the Thunder Fiber Laser Machine—a desktop-sized powerhouse. Not only is it adept at metal engraving and marking, but it also supports tumbler engraving. 

Which product can be processed with a laser engraver for metal?

With fiber laser marker

etching metal badge
laser engraving metal key ring

With CO2 laser engraving metal machine

best fiber laser aluminum
fiber laser rotary

Finding a best laser metal engraver

How judge?

Before purchasing, it is important to understand these.

The best fiber laser engraver for metal

Meet the Thunder Fiber Laser Engraving Machine, Aurora—an exceptional CNC laser engraver designed for metal applications. As a desktop fiber laser, it seamlessly transitions into a home laser engraver for metal. The Aurora stands out for its stability, durability, and user-friendly interface, all supported by our commitment to prompt and attentive service.


Investing in the Aurora not only equips you with a powerful tool for metal laser engraving but also opens the door to limitless creativity. Its rotary support allows for engraving on round metal products such as tumblers and rings, expanding your product range and creative possibilities.


At Thunder Laser, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. Our service is ongoing, ensuring you have continuous support and peace of mind regarding any after-sales issues or situations that may arise post-acquisition.

Thunder laser Aurora 8 pro 1
Thunder Laser Aurora 8 Pro left (close)
Thunder fiber laser engraver Aurora UV 3
Thunder Laser Aurora 8 UV back

The parameters for laser engraving metal you want are here

The cutting effects in metal laser engraving are intricately tied to the material itself. Even when dealing with metals of the same thickness and type, variations in origin, batch, and production methods may lead to differences, ultimately influencing the cutting outcome.


To optimize metal laser engraving in fiber laser engraving machines, consider these parameters. Adjust them as needed to achieve the desired and suitable cutting results, taking into account the specific characteristics of the metal being processed.

MaterialCarve EffectSpeed(mm/s)Power(%)Rate(KHz)Unidirectional or BidirectionalPass
304 stainless steelblack20010100bidirectional10
carbon steelblack1001050bidirectional1
white90020 60bidirectional1
brassblackNot suitable for carving into black
white50020 50 bidirectional1
aluminiumblackNot suitable for carving into black

How to laser engrave jewelry?

The Thunder Laser Aurora Fiber Laser Machine stands as a formidable jewelry engraver, adept at carving or marking intricate text and patterns onto jewelry pieces. With its fully automated CNC engraving and marking capabilities, it achieves precision and efficiency in the jewelry crafting process. The high-definition photo laser carving feature adds a meaningful touch to your jewelry, elevating its significance and allure.

Laser Carving photo on the necklace

Position the necklace within the designated working area of the fiber laser machine and secure it in place. Adjust the profile parameters using the laser software, transmit them to the machine, and initiate the engraving process by clicking the start button.

Laser marking text on the ring

To engrave a ring, utilize rotary accessories for optimal results. Attach the ring securely to the rotary accessory, fine-tune the rotary buckle settings, and design the desired pattern using the laser software RDWorks. Transmit the design to the laser machine.


With an impressive speed of up to 8000mm/s, the carving process is completed in a flash, from the initial click to the stunning conclusion.

Tip for laser engraving metal

To obtain a color laser engraving on metal stainless steel in fiber marking machine

Begin the stainless steel engraving process by ensuring a uniform smoothness on the metal surface using a handheld sander.


Subsequently, leverage the capabilities of the fiber laser engraver for metal to carve stainless steel at various power settings.


One intriguing aspect you’ll discover is that stainless steel undergoes distinctive color changes at the same power and speeds within the metal engraver laser. This unique characteristic becomes a powerful tool, allowing you to create captivating colored patterns in your stainless steel engravings.

color laser engraving on metal

Why can co2 laser machines carve anodized aluminum oxide?

While CO2 metal laser machines typically face challenges engraving metals due to laser reflection, there’s an exception when it comes to anodized aluminum. This unique metal has a dense oxide film on its surface, allowing the laser to primarily engrave this oxide layer instead of directly interacting with the aluminum material itself.


As a result, a CO2 laser etching machine for metal becomes a powerful tool, capable of creating engravings with solid contrast and exquisite patterns on anodized aluminum surfaces.

How to fiber laser engraving stainless steel to achieve black on surface?

Thunder Laser’s fiber laser engraver for metal excels at engraving black patterns directly onto stainless steel. However, if you only have a CO2 metal laser engraving machine, there’s a fascinating workaround to achieve the same effect.

Simply coat the stainless steel bottle or apply a layer of spray paint, and then proceed with laser engraving using the CO2 machine.


To create black patterns, spray molybdenum dry lubricant onto the surface three times, allowing 15 minutes of drying time between each application. Once dry, proceed with laser engraving. Any excess black lubricant can be easily cleaned with water, although using lacquer thinner for cleaning is a more efficient option.

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