CO2 And Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal

Laser and metal

Metals are suitable for both CO2 laser engravers and fiber laser engravers, and they are prevalent in the laser processing industry. However, CO2 laser metal machines cannot directly engrave metals; they can only engrave the coating layer on metals. On the other hand, fiber laser engraver can directly engrave the surface of metals, such as with fiber marking machines, which enable direct engraving on metal surfaces. Laser engraving can create delicate and intricate patterns and text on metal surfaces. It can provide quiet and efficient operation in CO2 And Fiber Laser engraver for metal.

The metal laser engraving ideas you can create

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Which metal product can be processed with a cnc laser engraver?

With fiber laser marker

• We commonly used metals for fiber marking machines are aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and gold.

• Brass is often used for high-resolution serial numbers, data matrix codes, and logos marking.

• Stainless steel is generally marked with fiber laser engraver for metal, and special types of annealed stainless steel can be color marked. Gold, being a precious metal, is often used in jewelry or decorative items, and its soft texture allows for direct laser processing.

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With CO2 laser engraving metal machine

• Metals commonly engraved with CO2 laser metal engraving machines are anodized aluminum and coated metal products.

• Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum sheets form a dense oxide film on the surface, and laser marking on anodized aluminum leaves no residue. Depending on the color of the anodized layer, it can present significant contrast and beautiful, intricate engravings.

• Metal Coatings: a CO2 laser machine for metal can accurately engrave metal coatings, enabling various colors on the metal surface, providing strong contrast compared to the metal itself.

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To Find a better laser metal engraver

When seeking a metal laser engraver that meets your requirements, look for a reliable provider like Thunder Laser. Our fiber laser engraving machine, Aurora, is a CNC laser engraver for metal and a desktop fiber laser, which means it’s also a home laser engraver for metal. It’s stable, durable, user-friendly, and backed by timely and attentive service. This can help you enhance your knowledge and capabilities in metal laser engraving, expanding your creativity limitlessly. Aurora Thunder Laser is confident in providing quality machines and supports.

How select?

If you only need to engrave coated metal products, then a CO2 laser engraver machine for metal is a good choice. It can also engrave and cut over 12 materials, including popular options like wood, acrylic, plastic, and glass. 


However, avoid being misled into purchasing CO2 laser engraving machines for metal engraving jewelry and non-coated metal products. What you need is a fiber laser engraver metal machine. A good fiber laser engraver for metal should be fast, safe, user-friendly, and capable of producing evenly colored, precise engravings resembling printed patterns without burrs.

How judge?

Thunder Laser’s fiber laser engraver for metal machines meets international CE safety certification, ensuring your safety during operation. The device can engrave a 3×3 cm pattern in less than 1 second, guaranteeing fast batch production of metal engraving. The machine has automatic focusing and red box positioning features, making it easy to use and enabling precise engravings, reducing material waste. 



Thunder Laser provides:

  • • Parameters and tutorials.
  • • Allowing you to get started and reducing learning time quickly.
  • • Getting ahead of others in the market.

Rotary engraving in fiber laser engraver for metal is supported, allowing you to engrave round metal products like tumblers and rings, expanding your product range. The laser service does not end after purchase, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales issues or situations that may arise after acquiring the machine.

How does the fiber laser work?

Here is the gun laser engraving with Aurora laser metal engraver. Let’s witness how amazing lasers are.

The common parameters for engraving metal

Cutting effects depend on the material itself. Even for the same thickness and type of metal, differences in origin, batch, and production methods may result in variations, affecting the cutting effect.

These are the parameters for some metal laser engraving in fiber laser engraving machines, and you can adjust secondary to achieve suitable results.

materialcarve effectspeed(mm/s)power%rate KHzUnidirectional or bidirectionalpass
304 stainless steel black20010100bidirectional10
carbon steel black1001050bidirectional1
brass blackNot suitable for carving into black
aluminium blackNot suitable for carving into black

Tip for laser engraving metal

To obtain a color laser engraving on metal stainless steel in fiber marking machine

First, use a handheld sander to polish the stainless steel surface to ensure consistent smoothness of the metal surface.

Next, use different powers to carve stainless steel in the fiber laser engraver for metal.

You will find that stainless steel undergoes different color changes at the same power and speeds in metal engraver laser, so this characteristic can be used to carve colored patterns.

color laser engraving on metal

Why can co2 laser machines carve anodized aluminum oxide?

CO2 metal laser machines generally cannot engrave metals because the laser is reflected by the metal, making it unable to achieve the desired engraving effect. However, anodized aluminum has a dense oxide film on its surface, and the laser mainly engraves this oxide layer rather than directly contacting the aluminum material itself. Therefore, a CO2 laser etching machine for metal can create engravings with solid contrast and exquisite patterns.

How to laser engraving stainless steel to achieve black on surface?

Thunder Laser’s fiber laser engraver for metal can engrave black patterns on stainless steel. If you only have a CO2 metal laser engraving machine, there is also an interesting way to achieve this.


You can coat the stainless steel bottle or spray paint it and then laser engrave metal in a CO2 laser engraving machine for metal. 


To achieve black patterns, you can spray molybdenum dry lubricant three times, wait for 15 minutes for it to dry, and then proceed with laser engraving. Excess black lubricant can be cleaned with water, but using lacquer thinner for cleaning is more efficient.

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