Laser cut and etched glass

Tips on laser cutting glass in thunder laser machine

How to prepare to avoid glass breakage?

When the laser beam touches the glass surface, it heats up and the glass molecules scatter. If the glass cannot cool down, the potholes generated by heating will become larger and larger, and the final carving effect will be as bad as rotten mud, especially high-quality glass. Because the glass does not have a fixed melting point, we need to disperse heat to dissipate or reduce the heat reaching the glass, so that the glass can avoid cracking.


1. Use laser masking tape

2. Wet tissue (should be laid flat without bubbles, otherwise there may be problems with the carving at the bubbles)

3. Wet paper

4. Detergent


These four materials are commonly used and easily obtainable in daily life. After laser processing, the adhesive tape will leave mucus, and we can use wind oil essence.

Use a magic eraser, cloth, or towel to clean.

Attention: It is wrapped around the laser contact surface, and the inside of the package is completely useless

How to make glass works more exquisite?

After the glass work is carved and cleaned, in order to add overall features, colors can be filled in. Wipe paint and colored ink, both of which have good effects, or use glass specific markers. However, the glass body is sensitive and attention should be paid to the usage method.

Which glass is suitable for carving?

Basically, the vast majority of glass can be carved regardless of its shape. Whether it’s a mirror, bottle, glass, or water glass. The rotary engraving workbench worn by the engraving machine rotates objects during the laser engraving process, allowing for the carving of patterns or text around the glass. However, it is important to note that if the engraving effect is too irregular, the carving effect may not be good. 


For cups with handles, it is also important to pay attention to whether the handle will come into contact with the workbench during rotation, leaving a suitable range.

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