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3D Laser Engraving

what is laser ultra 3D engraving

3D laser engraving machine is a laser engraving machine that can print 3D three-dimensional effects on flat materials. laser engrave 3d print effect shows through high-power laser according to computer programs and two-dimensional pictures. The depth and contour of its engraving are determined by the color depth and engraving times of the picture.

This is also the secret of crystal 3D carving What we usually see. In addition, the most common and affordable material is wood. Next, I will tell you how to carve high-definition and high-precision 3D art using thunderlaser engraving machine.

How does 3d laser engraving work

(1) The first step is to search for a 3D image on Google.
(2) Secondly, setting the engraving parameters for the picture in the Lightburn software matched ThunderLaser Machine. You need to pay special attention to setting the engraving times as well. If the engraving depth is not high, it is generally enough to set 3 times. After setting, Click Send button and send design data to the Thunderlaser engraving machine.

(3) The third step is to put the material into the laser engraving machine, adjusting the height and focus of the honeycomb plate. Closing the cover, selecting the design file in the control panel, and starting engraving. During the carving process, the laser head emits a laser beam, moves the laser head in X, Y, and Z directions, and burns and evaporates the material with high accuracy. Etching with different power according to the set engraving times has achieved different depths.

(4) If it is wood, it may need to be cleaned. After all, you can get beautiful 3D artwork with high precision and accuracy with thunder laser engrave 3d print.

Laser Engrave 3D Coat of Art

You can create stunning 3D images using your Thunder Laser Engraver !
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Engraving 3D images

This case sharing form our customers Tom Murray

engraving 3D images
engraving 3D images

For all those interested in 3D Laser Engraving images. This is My process to get the image i like. May not be the most efficient way to do this but it works for me.

The top images were all engraved on a

Nova 24-60w

Power max 37.5% min 15%

Speed 195mm sec

DPI 318

Scan angle 0 degrees

1.5” head

For dither all are Jarvis except the bear its in threshold(must remember to double check by settings).

This done on all 7 images. There are threes images i would tweak, the lighter ones.

Second picture shows my trail and error to get were i want to be. I adjust the power and speed settings so I’m close to what i want and then fine tune it by tweaking the power first, then the speed.

Hope this helps getting you in the ball park.Let’s start the journey of 3d laser engraving pictures together!