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How the Laser Rotary attachment works

Unlocking New Dimensions: The Laser Rotary Explained

At the heart of innovation in the laser engraving world lies the laser rotary attachment. Designed to complement the Thunder Laser machines, this tool is a gateway to precision engraving on cylindrical or circular objects. Whether you’re aiming to personalize a set of glass tumblers or etch intricate designs onto wooden cylinders, the laser rotary attachment is your partner in creativity.

Simple Setup, Profound Results

Installation and operation are straightforward, minimizing setup time and maximizing your creative output. The attachment ensures the stability of the object during the engraving process, allowing for high-quality, accurate creations. It’s no wonder that this tool is a favorite among enthusiasts looking to elevate their laser engraving projects.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Laser Rotary

Installation: Easily attach the rotary tool to your Thunder Laser cutter’s worktable. It’s designed for simplicity, ensuring you spend less time on setup and more on creation.

Preparation: Secure your cylindrical item—be it a glass, mug, or cup—onto the rotary attachment. Position the laser head over the intended engraving area and adjust the focus distance for optimal precision.

Connection and Activation: Plug the attachment into the designated socket on your machine’s right side. A simple press of the switch transforms the Y-axis to the rotary axis, giving you control over the attachment via the control panel.

Operation: With everything set, you’re ready to bring your vision to life. The control panel allows for easy manipulation of the rotary attachment, ensuring your designs are engraved exactly as planned.

Completion: Once your masterpiece is complete, carefully remove the item from the attachment, ready to admire your work or prepare it for its new owner.

Creating Memories, Gifting Uniquely

Custom-engraved tumblers are a special kind of gift that convey emotions and memories. Whether customized for special occasions or for promoting brand recognition in a business context, using the Thunder Laser cutter and its rotary attachment allows you to easily craft memorable custom pieces