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01-How to Draw Simple Graphics

Laser cutter software RDworks v8 tutorial

Hi this ken from Thunderlaser, now we’re going to show you how to use the Laser cutter software – the RDworks V8. The most frequently used tools are listed on the left side of the software.

We can use these tools to draw simple graphics.

1.The first one is a line drawing tool; you can use it to draw lines easily.Press “Ctrl” while dragging the mouse to draw a horizontal or vertical line.

2.The second one is a polyline tool. You can use it to draw polylines freely. When you need to draw a closed figure, you need to double click the left mouse button.

3.The third one is a Bezier tool; you can use it to draw any kinds of figures freely

4.The forth one is a square tool, you can press “Ctrl” to draw a rectangular.

5.The fifth one is a circle tool, you can press “Ctrl” to draw a perfect circle.

6.The sixth one is a text tool; you can double click to popup a dialog. Then input the words and press “Enter” to start from a new line.

You can set the width of the letters and fonts etc. Press ok to confirm you input. You can double click the texts to re-edit it. That’s all for this lesson, see you next time.