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Laser Cut Grip Tape: Design And Guide

Will laser and grip tape meet?

Have you ever wondered about the intriguing relationship between lasers and sandpaper? Laser technology has revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize grip tape, offering a host of benefits in terms of precision, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. 


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the fascinating world of “laser cut grip tape,” exploring its design possibilities and the myriad advantages it brings to the table.


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Can a laser cutting machine transform grip tape?

The marriage of laser technology with grip tape is not just theoretical. It’s a game-changer. The laser cutter, specializing in “laser cut grip tape,” can swiftly and precisely cut various grip tape products. These advantages enhance both their aesthetic appeal and market value. 

Laser-carving grip tape: an unconventional approach

While theoretically possible, laser carving of grip tape is not a common practice. The emphasis is typically on “laser cut grip tape,” as it significantly elevates the product’s aesthetics and market value. The precision and efficiency offered by laser cutting make it the preferred choice for transforming grip tape into intricate designs rather than carving it.

Why choose laser for grip tape?

Grip tape is a kind of hard paper because it contains a hard layer of anti-slip. It is known as one of the hardest materials to date, which makes grip tape not easy to cut.


Traditional grip tape cutting is a tool cut. But because the grip tape surface is attached to high hardness grains of sand, and the tool wear is severe which means high cutting costs. Laser cutting does not have this concern at all.


The laser cutting machine focuses the laser beam on the product surface, thereby heating up the material and achieving the cutting of grip tape bands. The non-contact cutting method is small and cutting accuracy is greatly improved.

Grip tape laser cutting designs

Cutting text

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Cool image

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Other grip tape cutting out ideas

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The cutting grip tape designs extend beyond traditional boundaries. While skateboards remain the primary canvas, other products requiring an anti-slip surface can benefit from the laser cutting grip tape. For example, anti slip sleeves for badminton and pistol handles.

How to laser cut grip tape?

Similar to cutting paper, it can refer to the cutting parameters of paper, but cutting grip tape paper is harder than general paper, so it requires a higher power or a lower speed than cutting paper.


There is a good way to get the best parameters for cutting grip tape paper. Taking a test on the based of cutting parameters of paper but reducing speed by half of the general cutting paper, and adjusting the parameters slightly best suited to it.

Choosing the right laser cutter for your project

The Thunder Laser Cutting Machine is a standout choice for cutting grip tape paper. For optimal results, consider the Thunder Laser Nova series


Thunder Laser Nova boasts greater laser power and a larger processing platform, making it ideal for “laser cut grip tape” projects. The processing techniques, including the use of a vacuum platform, ensure precision and efficiency in your “laser cut grip tape” endeavors.

Processing techniques

Using vacuum platform

Using a vacuum work desk will help to fix grip tape paper in place and remove debris from the material surface.
If you use a vacuum platform, be sure to cover its edges before starting the cutting and carving process. This allows the grip tape to be properly fixed for laser cutting and carving.It’s very important for air circulation!

Keep ventilated

When cutting sand tape, it is important to maintain proper ventilation to eliminate smoke from the working area. Adequate ventilation prevents the accumulation of potentially harmful gases and minimizes process-related odors, thereby helping to maintain a safe working environment.

Wear gloves and glasses

Always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and eyeglasses to prevent injury. Because when cutting sand grip tape, the laser hits on the sand grains above, so be careful about safety.

How to store grip tape adhesive paper?

1. Storage sheet in room temperature and ventilation dry environment.  It is not advisable to expose the sheet directly to sunlight, heat source or wet places.


2. Grip tape tape is best rolled and placed. Try not to stack, so that there are unrepairable fractures, affecting the use.

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