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Laser Cut Foam: Unlocking Your Creativity with Foam

Can you laser cut foam?


Laser foam has become the go-to solution for precision and innovation across multiple industries. EVA foam, with its remarkable shock-absorbing, sound-insulating, and thermal-insulating properties, has transformed the world of sports equipment, household appliances, fitness gear, shoes, and crafts.


The fusion of these two materials unleashes a world of opportunities, making them an ideal choice for sports equipment, household appliances, printing, fitness gear, shoes, and crafts. Laser machine is the best tool to laser cut foam.


how to cut the foam
Laser cutting foam is the secret sauce that elevates EVA foam to a whole new level of creativity and precision. Its accuracy and versatility make it the perfect tool to shape and cut this soft yet sturdy foam. The laser cut foam application extends far and wide, encompassing multiple industries, leading to a burgeoning market for laser sales.

Eva foam or polyurethane foam, which one is better?

Now, let’s tackle the question of whether to choose EVA foam or Polyurethane foam for your laser-cut foam projects. While these materials may appear similar, they serve different applications in the world of laser workmanship.


EVA foam, lightweight, flexible, and non-toxic, is the ideal choice for creative projects like crafts, role-play props, and packaging. On the other hand, Polyurethane foam, known for its durability and wear resistance, is more suited for industrial and commercial applications such as insulation, protective packaging, and even house heating solutions.


When it comes to laser cutting foam, EVA foam has more advantages than Polyurethane Foam. It requires lower power settings, resulting in cleaner cuts and reduced heat accumulation compared to Polyurethane foam.

Where to buy?

The next natural step is to find sources for your laser-cut foam materials. Fortunately, you have several options to explore:

A popular choice for many, Uline offers a variety of laser-cut foam sheets and materials to cater to your needs. Explore their selection here

With 80 stores across the United States, Polymershapes provides a wide range of foamboard and paperboard options, ideal for laser-cut foam projects. Check out their offerings here

For a wide variety of foam products and customizable solutions, Foam Factory is your go-to source for laser-cut foam.
laser cut foam board
laser cut eva foam

Common parameter for laser foam

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of laser cutting EVA foam. Keep in mind that the cutting outcome can vary based on the foam’s origin, batch, and production method. Here are some general parameters to get you started, but you may need to fine-tune them for your specific laser-cut foam project.


Finding more laser cutter settings to laser cut foam

how to laser cut foam

laser cut and engrave eva foam

Choosing a perfect laser foam cutter to laser cut foam

To choose the perfect laser model for your laser-cut foam project, consider the Thunder Laser Nova and Odin series.


Thunder Laser Nova excels in sheet cutting due to its larger laser power and processing platform.


In contrast, Thunder Laser Odin stands out in sheet carving with ultra-high processing speed and precise laser control.


The choice depends on the focus of your laser-cut foam project.

Laser cut foam with these techniques

How to fix eva foam?

Now, let’s talk about the laser processing skills for laser-cut foam. To ensure precise cutting, use double-sided foam tape to secure the material evenly on the cutting platform.

Tips for laser engraving foam

When it comes to carving, here are some tips and tricks:

Take care when laser cutting eva foam

Now, let’s talk about safety. When laser cutting EVA foam for your laser cut foam projects, proper ventilation is crucial to eliminate smoke and odors. Don’t forget to wear personal protective equipment like gloves and eyeglasses to ensure your safety.

How to store eva Foam?

Lastly, when it comes to storing EVA foam sheets for your laser-cut foam projects, keep them in a room-temperature, well-ventilated, and dry environment. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, heat sources, or humid areas.


With these insights and a bit of creativity, you’re well on your way to becoming a master of laser-cut foam projects. Unleash your imagination and create stunning, intricate designs with this incredible material!

laser cut foam

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