Laser engraving and cut stone

Tips on Processing techniques in thunder laser machine

How can laser carving process stone to achieve a higher contrast carving effect?

In order to achieve maximum contrast, synthetic resin or paint can be sprayed on the laser carved area, especially on polished stone. The resin and paint have stronger adhesion on the surface that has been laser carved (roughened), and are colored after carving to obtain good color effects. The invasion of color is mainly caused by the penetration of pores generated by laser emission and polishing.

What factors need to be considered when laser stone engraving photos

Because stones generally have uneven surfaces, it is best to choose images with a coarser dot matrix effect (250-333 dpi). Generally, fine images are difficult to carve on stones, but it mainly depends on the texture structure of the stone itself.

What types of stones can be laser carved and processed?

Laser is particularly suitable for the carving and processing of dark natural stones for polishing, such as granite, marble, and basalt. The better the uniformity of the stone and the finer the texture, the better the laser carving effect. However, even pebbles can be carved and processed with laser as long as their surface is smooth enough. Another ideal stone is white marble – laser carving can form a uniform white carving effect.

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