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A Guide To Laser Engraving Stone

Can a laser engrave stone?

laser engraved slate coasters

When it comes to laser carving beauty and permanence into stone, laser engraving stone emerges as a remarkable choice. This versatile technology provides an incredible range of design options, allowing you to etch names, intricate patterns, logos, and even lifelike photographs onto various types of stone. Whether you’re aiming to create personalized gifts or unique decor, laser engraving on stone stands as a truly captivating art form.


The Magic of Laser Engraving on Stone

One of the most remarkable aspects of laser engraving stone on stone is its unparalleled precision. The fine degree of detail achievable with a laser carving machine surpasses what other methods can offer.

Can a laser cut Stone?

However, it’s crucial to clarify that laser technology, while incredibly powerful, cannot cut through stone. The laser’s role in stone engraving is more about etching, shaping, and embellishing.

Selecting the Right Stone for Laser Engraving on Stone

Smooth stone

However, it’s crucial to clarify that laser technology, while incredibly powerful, cannot cut through stone. The laser’s role in stone engraving is more about etching, shaping, and embellishing.
etching on stone

Dark natural stone

Dark natural stone presents an ideal canvas for laser sculpting. The uniformity and delicate textures of dark stones enhance the effectiveness of the laser sculpture process. This makes materials like granite, marble, basalt rock, and slate perfect choices for your laser engraving projects.

White stone

However, it’s crucial to clarify that laser technology, while incredibly powerful, cannot cut through stone. The laser’s role in stone engraving is more about etching, shaping, and embellishing.
custom stone engraving

Popular Laser Engraving Stone Creations

Laser-engraved stone products have gained popularity in the United States for a variety of applications. From personalized tiles to stone handicrafts and ceramic cups, the possibilities are endless. More and more people like the art products of laser engraving on stone to make their lives more fun. Here are some laser engraving stone products most people like:

How to laser engrave slate coasters?

Laser engraving on slate just only engraves out one color. Therefore, you need to ensure that your Lightburn design image is only set to black and white. Recommend to carve at low power settings and medium to high speeds. To prepare the stone for laser engraving, follow these steps:
  1. 1. Begin by meticulously cleaning the stone’s surface with a wet cloth and allowing it to dry.

  2. 2. Apply a thin, even, and transparent coating to the stone. It’s essential to let this coating dry for at least an hour, ensuring the best results.

Safety Measures for Laser Engraving on Slate Stone

Safety should always be a top priority when working with laser technology.


Maintain appropriate ventilation: Proper ventilation in your workspace is crucial to eliminate the smoke and odors produced during the laser engraving process. Adequate ventilation not only ensures a safe working environment but also prevents the accumulation of potentially harmful gases.

Wear protective equipment: Additionally, it’s essential to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses to prevent injury and ensure your well-being while operating laser carving equipment.

Fine-Tuning the Laser Engraving Parameters

The outcome of your laser engraving stone project is influenced by various factors, with the stone’s material being a primary one. Even stones of the same thickness and type may exhibit local variations in characteristics due to factors such as their place of origin, batch, and production method.


While the following laser engraving Marble stone parameters are provided as reference points, they can be adjusted to suit your specific needs through small-scale testing:

laser engraving slate settings

Choosing the Right Laser machine for Your laser engraving Stone Project

Both the Thunder Laser Nova and Odin series are well-suited stone carving tools.


The Nova series stands out for sheet cutting due to its larger laser power and processing platform with a straight door, making it ideal for those requiring precise and substantial cuts.


On the other hand, the Odin series shines in sheet carving thanks to its ultra-high processing speed and precise laser control, perfect for those focused on intricate, detailed laser engravings on stone.


Overall, Odin is more recommended for laser engraving stone.

Tips for laser engraving stone

How to engrave in stone?

Spraying synthetic resin or paint: To achieve maximum contrast in your laser-engraved stone creations, you can apply synthetic resin or paint to the engraved area. This is especially effective when working with cast stone, as the resin or paint adheres well to the rough, laser-carved surface. It not only enhances the color but also allows it to penetrate effectively, creating stunning visual effects.

How do laser carve photos on stone?

Select images with low resolution: Given the naturally uneven surfaces of most stones, it’s advisable to opt for a rougher scale effect, typically within the range of 250-333 dots per inch (dpi). This is particularly important when dealing with intricate images, as fine details can be challenging to engrave on stone, and the success of such engravings depends largely on the stone’s texture and structure.

How to store?

Once your laser engraving stone products are complete, proper storage is essential to preserve their beauty and integrity. Here are some key guidelines:

1. Ventilation and drying: Store your laser-engraved stone creations in a room with a stable temperature and good ventilation. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, heat sources, or damp environments, as stones can be prone to crumbling in adverse conditions.


2. Take protective measures: Given that stone is susceptible to damage, it’s advisable to take protective measures when storing and handling your creations, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

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