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Laser Cut Fabric With Powerful Fabric Cutting Machine

Spark between laser and fabric

Textiles, the very fabric of our lives, find application in diverse fields, from fashion to industry. Laser technology, with its ability to deliver intricate cuts and stunning engravings, is revolutionizing the way we work with fabrics. It’s making want to laser cut fabric more adaptable to market needs than ever before, thanks to cutting-edge laser fabric cutting machines.


fabric laser cutting machine

laser fabric cutter

Which fabric can you laser?

The answer might surprise you – a whopping fifty percent of textiles can be skillfully laser-cut, thanks to the Laser Fabric Cutting Machine. You can laser cut fabric like cotton, felt, silk, linen, lace, polyester, and wool. For synthetic textiles, the heat of the laser can seal the edges and prevent wear and tear.


The one caveat: fabrics with PVC content are a no-go, as prolonged laser engraving can damage the machine. Here are some fabrics that thrive under the laser’s touch:


Elevate your denim game with the laser fabric cutting machine. Traditional patterns give way to streamlined processes, yielding even more intricate designs and that sought-after “stone-washed” effect.


Velvet is a type of knitted fabric that can be divided into striped polar fleece, embossed polar fleece, jacquard polar fleece, and so on. Thanks it laser cut fabric, you can see different patterns of different shapes on the fabric, forming a sharp contrast with the original color.


Felt, both soft and rigid, finds widespread use in industries, all thanks to the laser fabric cutting machine. Often derived from wool, it Can be used as a material for shock resistance, sealing, lining, and elastic steel wire needle cloth bottom felt. And that’s why it’s a favorite in the laser processing realm. Precision cuts and personalized patterns are its calling card.

Laser cut fabric: witness the magic with a fabric laser cutter

The possibilities are endless when textile designers embrace Laser. From laser-cut fabric preciously to laser-engraved artistry, fabrics transform into canvases of creativity.

Laser cutting fabric

laser cut fabric
laser cutting fabric

Laser engraving fabric

laser engraving fabric
laser engrave fabric

Choosing the perfect laser cutter for fabric

When it comes to how to laser cut fabric well, the CO2 CNC Laser Fabric Cutting Machine is the one of best fabric cutting tools. They breathe life into textile projects, infusing them with individuality. It not only sets your fabric design apart but also gives your fabric work a more personalized display. Whether you’re crafting small items or designing large-scale fashion, choosing the right laser fabric cutting machine is pivotal.

If you only produce small fabric items such as wallets, gloves, etc., a small carbon dioxide laser machine can match your needs.


For expansive projects, a laser machine with ample workspace is your best ally.


Overall, a large working area laser machine is a better choice, not only meeting your needs for large-scale carving and cutting but also achieving mass production. To improve your fabric production efficiency and reduce costs, a large laser fabric cutting machine is enough.

Thunder Laser fabric cutter

Thunder Laser fabric cutter is not only capable of cutting fabrics, but also a perfect fabric laser engraving machine. Consider the Thunder Laser Nova 63, Nova 51, or Odin 32, each boasting unique strengths to laser cut fabric or laser engrave fabric perfectly.


They not only have a super large workbench with a maximum size of 1600 * 1000mm, but most importantly, they can perfectly cut and carve fabrics, with neat cutting edges without burrs, waste, and combustion.


Nova has an advantage over Odin in laser cutting fabric due to its maximum laser power of 130w and larger processing platform (including straight-through doors), while the Odin series can achieve better results in laser engraving fabric due to its ultra-high processing speed of 2000mm/s and precise laser control of RF laser tubes.


So, which laser machine best matches your needs?

Laser parameters for fabric with Thunder Laser machine

Explore the precise parameters for laser cutting and engraving denim with the Nova63:

laser engraving fabric settings

For more laser cutting and laser engraving fabric settings, please click here.

Laser cut fabric with these laser tips

How to solve the instability when need to laser cut fabric?

Encountering fabric instability during laser work? Here’s what you can do:


1. Increase Fabric Humidity: Moisture is your friend here, as it reduces the chances of fiber damage during laser processing.


2. Fine-Tune Focus and Grayscale: When you laser cut fabric to achieve optimal results by adjusting the laser’s focus and pattern grayscale, enhancing the laser-cut Fabric’ quality.

How to engrave denim fabric?

Laser engraving denim requires finesse to avoid compromising fabric integrity, made easier with the Laser Fabric Cutting Machine. The secret? Dampen the denim. This simple step shields cotton fibers from excessive heat, allowing for color bleaching without harm. Plus, damp denim remains flat during laser work, ensuring precise results.

How to store textiles?

Proper storage is crucial when no need to laser cut fabric. Here’s a quick guide:


1. Ideal Environment: Store textiles in a dry, well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or moisture.


2. Use Containers: Employ bags or containers to keep laser-cut fabric produce safe.


3. Periodic Ventilation: For wool fabrics, open storage spaces periodically for airflow to prevent moisture buildup.


4. Seasonal Attention: In humid seasons, air out laser-cut fabric a few times to ward off potential mold growth.

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