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Laser Engraving Ceramic Guide

How about laser processing ceramics?

laser ceramic etching cup

Embark on an exploration where cutting-edge technology seamlessly meets the timeless beauty of ceramics through laser engraving. Ceramics, those durable, heat-resistant marvels born from inorganic materials, find a perfect companion in lasers. Laser engraving ceramic this engraving way can transform these exquisite pieces into canvases for creativity without compromising their inherent integrity.


Can laser cut ceramics?

The Thunder laser machine, powerful as it is, encounters the challenge posed by the high density of ceramics. Thunder Laser’s laser power is less than 200w and cannot cut through ceramics well at once. However, if you enjoy exploring, you can try it multiple times and perhaps cut through non thick ceramics, haha.

Can laser carve ceramics?

Sure, The Thunder laser machine is the perfect carving tools for ceramics. Step into a realm of precision with the Thunder laser machine, purpose-built for carving and marking ceramics. This cutting-edge technology ensures clarity and intricate detailing, all while safeguarding the material’s original form and structure.
laser engraving ceramic

Ceramic carving ideas

Thunder laser machines can transforms each piece into a unique masterpiece. The possibilities of laser engraving ceramics are as endless as your imagination.
ceramic carving ideas 2
laser engraving marble

Choosing the Right Arsenal: NOVA vs. ODIN Series

Both the Thunder Laser Nova and Thunder Laser Odin series possess the capability to carve ceramics, each with its unique strengths. Nova excels in sheet metal cutting, owing to its substantial laser power and expansive processing platform. 


On the other hand, Odin, with its ultra-high processing speed and precise laser control, achieves unparalleled results in sheet metal carving. Your choice depends on the specific focus of your artistic endeavors.

Understanding Parameters for Thunder Laser

Laser engraving on ceramics is an art influenced by the material’s inherent characteristics. While the following parameters serve as a reference, true mastery comes from small-scale tests and adjustments to achieve the perfect effect.

View more laser engraving ceramic parameters.

laser engraving ceramic tile settings

Pro Tips for laser engraving ceramic

Tips before laser engraving ceramic tile?

Before diving into ceramic tile carving:


• Clean tiles with alcohol and air dry them.

• Secure tiles in place to prevent movement during the carving process.

Can you laser engrave ceramic tile?

• Sandblast a mixture of titanium dioxide and 70% isopropanol on the tile surface.

• After drying, carve with the right parameters.

• Clean the titanium dioxide layer post-carving for the desired effect.

Safety First: ceramic tile engraving

Maintain a safe and efficient working environment when laser engraving ceramic tiles:

• Ensure adequate ventilation to eliminate smoke.

• Wear personal protective equipment, including gloves and goggles, to prevent injury.

• Prioritize safety to mitigate any potential risks associated with laser engraving ceramics.

How to store ceramic tiles?

Store the board at room temperature and in a well ventilated and dry environment. It is not advisable to directly expose the board to sunlight, heat sources, or moisture.

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