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Thunderlaser Laser Machine

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Desktop Laser System

With a reasonable size, the Mini laser engraving machine is really good for users who has very limited space to put the machine. Besides, even with cheap laser cutting machine price, its ability for cutting and engraving is also as good…
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Mars Laser System

Installed with the high speed servo motor systems, the Mars series laser cutter for sale are working at an unbelievable speed with excellent quality. It’s especially good for customers who need to mass…
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Titan Laser System

The Titan acrylic laser cutter from Thunder Laser is the best laser cutting machine choice for cutting large size materials. For customers from Signage business, it’s really a great help. They can cut the whole size acrylic…
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Zeus Laser System

With a high quality RF tube, the engraving and cutting quality of Zeus laser engraver and laser cutter system are totally the same as the famous international brands. You would love it when seeing the amazing results…

360° View of Thunder Laser System

Lay your mouse on left side of the picture,move towards the arrow direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

No need. We’ve added a parameter library in the software, once you find out what settings is best for a certain material;you can record it in the parameter library. Next time you cut the same material, you just need to read it from the list.
Both ok, as long as your operating system is window 2000 or XP or vista or win 7.
Our laser runs on window 2000/ XP/ vista/ wins 7 both 32bits and 64bits system.But it does not run on Mac OS.
CorelDraw and AutoCAD are suggested. You can design all your artworks in these two software and then send to the RDWorks software to set the parameters easily.
Yes, you can take a photo by using a camera and then load the photo to the software directly and engrave it.
the laser machine is ready to work, the exhaust fan and the air pump and the water pump are included. (But when you using a big power laser tube, it is suggested to buy a water chiller for cooling the laser tube)
As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine. You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we’ve provided some of the parameter library, it will save you more time.You can watch the guiding videos from our website to learn how to use the machine in advance too.
No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well.You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.
Thunderlaser News
2209, 2015

Visited Beijing Reci Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

On August 18th 2015, King Chen, General Manager of Thunder Laser visited Beijing Reci Laser Technology Co., Ltd. along with the staff.

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709, 2015

Thunder Laser system EMC test by SGS

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS visited our company to make an EMC safety test on Thunder Laser new system on July 25th, 2015.

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409, 2015

Thunderlaser two-day trip to Taishan

In order to enrich amateur life, further enhance the communication and cooperation among all departments, and increase the company's collective cohesion, Thunder Laser organized a two-day trip to Taishan on June 13 and June 14, which cheered up all staff. Both General Manager King Chen and Vise General Manager Ken Chen participate in the trip.

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Laser Information

Laser engraving machine

Laser engraving was the biggest revolution over traditional methods of engraving.The difference in laser engraving is that the machine used for engraving will not be direct contact with the surface which is to be engraved.

First lessons for new Thunderlaser users

1. unpacking In order to unpack your machine safely , you must follow the correct steps before unpacking, please refer to the User Manual from page 16 to page 22

Top 3 Reasons a Laser Engraver May Be Right for You

Some of the most common questions I am asked are: Can I afford a laser engraver? What can I do with a laser engraver? How hard is it to learn to use a laser machine?