Materials Testing

Do you have a material you would like to test with our lasers?
Our applications lab is available to help determine if a
Thunder Laser is the right tool for your application.
Our team of specialists will provide:


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Thunderlaser Laser Machine

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Desktop Laser System

With a reasonable size, the Mini laser engraving machine is really good for users who has very limited space to put the machine. Besides, even with cheap laser cutting machine price, its ability for cutting and engraving is also as good…
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Mars Laser System

Installed with the high speed servo motor systems, the Mars series laser cutter for sale are working at an unbelievable speed with excellent quality. It’s especially good for customers who need to mass…
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Titan Laser System

The Titan acrylic laser cutter from Thunder Laser is the best laser cutting machine choice for cutting large size materials. For customers from Signage business, it’s really a great help. They can cut the whole size acrylic…
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Zeus Laser System

With a high quality RF tube, the engraving and cutting quality of Zeus laser engraver and laser cutter system are totally the same as the famous international brands. You would love it when seeing the amazing results…

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About Thunderlaser

Thunder laser’s CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines are good for processing most of the nonmetallic materials like :Cloth、Acrylic、Wood、Leather、 Paper、Rubber、Plastic 、glass、Ceramic、and Rostone ,which can be widely used to various industries, like: Advertisement sign , Architectural Modelmakers,Art and Craft, Clothing ,Printing and Packing. Besides, 3D engraving on wood and marking on some metals are no longer impossible by using the HR head created by our company.