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Laser-Made Advertising Signs

Laser machines can be used for cutting, carving, and marking advertising signs made with materials such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. It can achieve precise design and complex patterns, making advertising signs more attractive.

bar sign

20+ Ideas of laser-generated advertising sign

1. Laser warning signs

Laser machines precisely cut and engrave precise, durable, and clear laser warning signs quickly. They work on various materials and ensure consistent, high-quality results.
warning sign
laser cut foam sign

2. Laser cut logo sign

Laser cut logo signs offer precision, durability, and intricate detailing. Perfect for creating eye-catching, high-quality brand displays. Elevate your business signage with the sharp and professional look of laser technology.

3. Pylon Signs

Pylon signs typically used by shopping centers and businesses along highways. Laser machine can cut out various shapes and fonts.

Pylon Signs
Monument Signs

4. Monument Signs

Enhance your space with laser-created monument signs. These signs offer precision, durability, and a sleek, professional appearance, perfect for making a lasting impression. Ideal for businesses, parks, and residential areas.

5. A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are portable, versatile, and perfect for attracting foot traffic. Ideal for promotions, menus, and events, they offer double-sided visibility and easy setup.


Discover a laser-created A-Frame signs. With precision cutting and custom designs, these signs elevate your marketing efforts.

A Frame Signs
Lobby Signs

6. Lobby Signs

Lobby signs create a strong first impression, showcasing your brand with elegance and professionalism. 


Laser-cut lobby signs offer precision, elegance, and customization, creating a strong first impression. Perfect for any professional setting, laser-cut signs showcase your brand with style.

7. Directional Signs

Introducing laser-created directional signs: precise, clear, and essential for seamless navigation. Elevate user experience with customized designs and durable materials.The materials commonly used for laser cutting signals are foam and plastic
Directional Signs
Architectural Signs

8. Architectural Signs

Laser-cut architectural signs combine precision and elegance, enhancing building exteriors and interiors with customized designs. Ideal for conveying information with clarity and sophistication.Such a large sign usually requires a large laser machine.

9. Wedding sign

Laser cutting wedding signs add charm and guidance to your special day, from welcoming guests to directing them to key areas. Personalize your celebration with beautifully crafted signs that complement your theme and create memorable moments for everyone. Wood, acrylic, plastic, foam are commonly used materials for it
wedding huge sign
engravable aluminum garden flags

10. Garden sign

The black bottom is made of aluminum oxide, and the patterns and text are carved by a laser machine. The metal frame can withstand wind and rain when placed outdoors, making it long-lasting and durable.

11. Address sign

This sign features a unique combination of materials and laser-cut precision. Bottom Plate: Made of wood, providing a sturdy and classic base for the sign. Top Plate: A map shape cut by a laser machine, offering a precise and intricate design that stands out.
acrylic indoor sign
studio outdoor sign

12. Outdoor studio sign

1/4 Baltic birch … in layers to add that “wow” effect.. lol painted it, added a very thick layer of polyurethane….

13. Laser safety sign

Laser safety signs ensure compliance and protection in hazardous environments. Precision-cut with laser technology, these signs feature clear warnings and durable materials to enhance workplace safety standards effectively.
acrylic sign
laser cut name sign

14. Laser cut name sign

Laser-cut name signs offer precision and elegance, perfect for personalizing spaces with a sophisticated touch. Ideal for homes, offices, and gifts.

15. Business sign

Laser cutting made from duets plastic, everything turned out flawlessly! JDS Duets Plastic with 3M 468MP Adhesive being applied onto a painted drywall wall. Template made from a sheet of cardboard.
indoor sign
large acrylic sign

16. Large acrylic sign

laser-cut large acrylic front desk sign! Made of mirrored acrylic. It looks like that the beautiful little sister really likes it.

17. Home Decor sign

Project for Valentines!

Home Decor!
Housewarming Gift!
Front Door Sign!
Can be realtor closing gift too!
Valentines gift!
Made from front elevation pic of a house
Or you can get them on architectural plans, front elevation view.
1/8 baltic birch,cherry or maple etc.
Glued and assemble based on the layers.
It can be done thru structure/archi elements like columns,walls,windows etc and make layers with it.

Home Decor sign
Store Cashier sign

18. Store Cashier sign

Made for store cashier sign. Wood with raised acrylic and a kickstand on the back.

19. LED sign

This is a LED sign made by our Thunder Nova 51. This machine has already won over with time, accuracy & also being able to cut very small things.
led sign
bar sign

20. Bar sign

Made for store cashier sign. Wood with raised acrylic and a kickstand on the back.

21. Laser cutting sign

You can rabbet acrylic just like wood to give it extra dimension when working with multiple pcs! Sign: 4 x 4 machine : nova 35 100
acrylic and wood sign
laser engraving sign

22. Laser engraving sign

How about exploring laser-engraved signs that incorporate innovative designs and personalized touches? Elevate your signage with intricate patterns, textures, and custom logos for a standout aesthetic appeal. This one is a laser engraved poplar wood sign, 40″ long by 1ft wide, about 0.5″ thick, Clear and refined.

Materials Thunder Laser can cut and engrave for signs






Paper and Cardboard

Foam Board

Fabric and Textiles

Stone and Marble

Why choose a laser machine for advertising signs?

High precision and enhanced visual effects:

High detail for intricate patterns and text in laser cut signs. This precision makes laser machines ideal for producing exquisite advertising signs. Additionally, their strong creativity enables the depiction of various unique patterns and effects, adding unique visual appeal to advertising works.

High speed, improved efficiency:

Quick completion of tasks, suitable for various materials used in advertising signs. This efficiency is beneficial for mass production of advertising signs. They can also cut and engrave a variety of materials, meeting diverse customer needs.

Automated, programmable, increasing efficiency:

Quick completion of tasks, suitable for various materials used in advertising signs. They are simple and user-friendly, capable of production line operations in the advertising industry, thereby improving production efficiency.

Environmental protection and health:

Quick completion of tasks, suitable for various materials used in advertising signs.

Creating an acrylic LED advertising signboard using a laser machine

1. Prepare the appropriate amount of board, ensuring it is straight and not easily bent.

2. Find or design suitable files; good design files can solve many problems.
3. Adjust the parameters appropriately, noting that different boards require different settings.
4. Send the file to the machine, place the board on the operating platform, and focus the laser (focus is crucial for operation).
5. Position the file, moving the border to align the file’s operation area with the board.
6. Once the file is confirmed correct, click to start.
7. Assemble the cut boards together to complete the signboard.

Join the laser revolution in advertisement

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