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Why your U-disk can’t be recognized by the machine

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● Which kind of U disk can be recognized by the machine:

Disk capacity:16G(including 16G and below)
The U-disk is 2.0

Note: How do you know the U –disk is 2.0 or not.
①USB slot which contains black-USB2.0

②Insert USB in the PC/laptop, USB2.0/USB3.0 it will show in the tool bar
③Insert the USB , check in the device manager of the system
④USB2.0 have four pins, two for power, one pair for data.

● Which ports is the U-disk of the machine

The connection ports are installed on the left side. See below picture,

● Why can’t find the file when you put the U disk on the machine

Please confirm whether you follow the correct steps to export files from RDWorks to U disk.
The file format should be .tl that can be recognized by the machine.

Note: When saving files to the USB disk, please store them separately, not in a folder on the USB disk.

Please check below link to know how to send a file to U disk.

If you import the file to the U-disk according to the correct steps and the machine still can’t read
the U-disk. Please try to replace a U-disk to test. If the U-disk and the file are good, please plug the
U-disk to the U-disk port of the controller board ( Open the left door you can see it), see below picture.

If it’s working after you plug the U-disk in the controller board, it maybe the U-disk port of the left
side is broken. Please contact us :