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Y-axis not moving at all

Release Time:2018/11/17 laser cutter machine Browsing Times:3789

Here are the reasons:

● Rotary switch is turned on

Note: The rotary-axis and y-axis can be switched, if the rotary switch is turned on, y-axis will not moving at all, and the rotary-axis will need to connect the rotary device.

If it is “-”, please turn off to “O” and press the reset button on LCD panel, like below.

● Y-axis limit switch problem

Please open upper left hand door panel, check if the wiring and roller lever of switch are well or not, like below.

If they both seem to be well, please test is y-axis limit switch working properly according to the video below.

● The interface of y-axis motor have bad connection

If the y-axis limit switch is working properly, please open the laser tube cover, check if the interfaces of y-axis motor are connected well, like below.

Please power off the machine, re-connect the interface then try again.

● Motor or driver of y-axis is broken

Please open lower right hand door panel, check the Y-axis driver (red LED should be up and flashing), like below:

Please power off the machine, then swap two drivers according to the video below.

After that, power on the machine, check if the machine is resetting normally.
If y-axis still not moving at all, so the y-axis motor is broken;
If the problem shifts to x-axis, the same driver is flashing red light, so this driver is broken.