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Alarm message of LCD panel–Machine protected(Old type sensor)

Release Time:2020/04/11 laser cutter machine Browsing Times:3836

LCD panel shows the following information:

Our machine has sensors for door protection (front cover and laser tube cover),like below.


Please close all of them before start to work.

If the LCD panel still alarms

The problem should be caused by the two conditions:

1.The magnet is bad position.

There are three sensors for Open flap protection. Two on the two sides of Front cover, one on the
tube cover.

LCD panel→ Z/U button→ Diagnoses+ → “If Protection on”

If it shows Red color: At least one of the three protection sensors is not working well (if all doors are closed).

If it shows Grey color: All protection sensors are working normally.

How to test if any of the sensor magnets is in bad position.
Take out these three magnets and directly place them on their sensors.

Note: To better induct the magnet, please approach it on either side of the sensor, instead of the center.

Put position the magnets on sensors like above pic shown, check if the red light of “If protection on” disappears.

If the red color disappears, it proves one of the magnets was in bad position.

Then please install the magnets back to the doors one by one to test which one causes the issue, then fine tuning the position for it.

2.The wires of DrProc and GND on CN2 is loose from controller board.

If the wires are tight, maybe the door sensor is bad. Please contact