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Operation manual for Thunder laser machine

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Operation manual for Thunder laser machine

To be safe, never ever run the laser system unattended.

According to international standard,“O”means close;“I”means open for the rocker switch below.

  1. Turn on the water chiller
  2. Startup sequence of machine: Main Switch→Laser switch;

  4. Connect computer and download file to machine;

  6. Adjust the height of working table, place the material;

    ① Click Z/U button;
    ② Select “Z move”
    ③ Left arrow to move down;
    ④ Place the material;
    ⑤ Right arrow to move up;

  8. Fix the material with magnet, adjust right focal distance with focus tool;

  9. Close the top lid;
  10. Select the appropriate start point, start the program;
  11. ① Control arrow button to move the laser head;
    ② Click “Origin” button to select the start point;
    ③ Click “Frame” button to be sure the working area;
    ④ Click “Start-Pause” to run the program;

  12. Shutdown sequence of machine:Laser switch→Main Switch→Turn off the water chiller;

Any accident during working, please press emergency stop immediately

Standard feature
Water chiller:
Air compressor:
Exhaust fan: