Case Study Details
Client Name:Peakhandmade
Laser Model: Nova35
Major Business:Customization Gift
Year Completed:2022

Who We Are

peak handmake


I began laser engraving, cutting, creating and making in the garage years ago. After a cold Winter, I quickly realized I was out of space, a bit chilly and needed to expand.

Once I moved to the basement and built out my workshop and office with the help of handy friends, my wife Lisa joined me. 

We expanded even more as we purchased a second laser, more tools, and more substrates. Both Lisa and I create and make in our workshop 6-7 days a week.

Our toddler is COO of the company (as he is already CEO of another business) and our baby is the CEO of Peak Handmade. Both give us direction and motivate us to keep making and creating for YOU! 

Sample Photo

Tony’s Tuesday Tip: 

Ever wonder what 650 slate coasters look like? 

We didn’t either until a client placed an order for them and we purchased said coasters. Then unboxed! 

It was our largest order to date. My wife and I were excited then a bit overwhelmed. This is not a big order for some but it was for us.

I calculated how long I expected it would take from unboxing to creating a jig, engraving them, then reboxing and shipping.  

We made it! Our goal was to ship by tomorrow and I just dropped them off at the UPS Store.

I always wonder and ask myself “How do you get larger orders”?

Think about your other hobbies, likes and interests.  Yes, we always have Real Estate, Insurance Companies, Restaurants, etc…

But what about the gaming world, local boutiques, sports teams and construction companies?

Don’t sell yourself short. Charge what you’re worth and quote it with confidence.  One never knows…

We are not experts and never claim to be but wanted to share our experiences.  Yes, YOU can do it too! 

Executive Summary:

– Engraved 650 slate coasters with the same logo

– Coasters from JDS

– Repacked in original JDS boxes and used the foam padding in larger boxes 

– About 35 hours of work

– Thunder Nova 24 

– We usually engrave then pack real-time to save time, but wanted a pic of all 650.

– Used  shipping as usual 

– We placed address labels on every box with our logo and website address. Yeah, every box!



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