Top 10 Laser Equipment Suppliers

September 13, 2023

Laser equipment Suppliers play a crucial role in the modern industrial landscape. They also contribute to technological advancements in various sectors. In this case, the popular brands dominate the laser markets and offer more reliable products. These laser machine manufacturers design and produce high-quality laser machines.

Their products are also pivotal in manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and electronics. Therefore, choosing the right brands is necessary for reliable and efficient production. Today’s article delves into the top 10 most popular laser equipment Suppliers. We will observe their innovations, product offerings, and impact on their respective industries.

This article aims to provide a structured and informative guide to the leading laser machine manufacturers. It also highlights their achievements and contributions. In addition, it offers valuable insights into the companies. Moreover, it helps businesses and professionals decide when to choose laser machinery for their needs.

Below is a curated list of the top 10 laser equipment Suppliers. These are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and contributions to various industries.

  • 1. Thunder Laser
  • 2. Amada lasers
  • 3. Mazak lasers
  • 4. Trumpf laser machine
  • 5. Bystronic fiber laser
  • 6. Golden laser cutting machine
  • 7. Salvagnini laser
  • 8. Ermaksan laser
  • 9. Dxtech laser
  • 10. Hispeed laser

These laser equipment Suppliers earned their positions through innovation, quality, and reliability. As a result, they became dominant leaders in laser machinery production. However, we will delve into each manufacturer’s offerings in the subsequent sections. In addition, we will highlight their unique contributions to various industries.

1. Thunder Laser

image 10

Thunder Laser is a prominent player in the laser machine manufacturing industry. This laser machine manufacturer is known for its commitment to quality. They founded the company in 2012 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company has also rapidly gained recognition for its cutting-edge laser technology.

Moreover, the company has significantly contributed to the industry requiring laser technology. In this case, their research and development have led to the production of advanced laser systems. Moreover, Thunder laser devices enhance productivity and reduce waste. As a result, they are the preferred choice for many businesses worldwide.

Main Products

  1. Nova Laser Cutting Machine
  2. Odin Laser Engraving Machine
  3. Aurora Thunder Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  4. Thunderbolt enterprise-grade laser engraving machine

2.Amada lasers


Amada Lasers is another famous brand for its commitment to innovation and quality. The company was founded in 1980 and released its first laser machine, LC LASMAC. Since then, they have consistently demonstrated their prowess in delivering cutting-edge laser solutions. However, their corporate office and LA technical center are located at Buena Park, CA 90621, USA.

Interestingly, the company also specializes in manufacturing mechanical machines and tools. Concerning laser machines, the company offers a wide range of industrial laser devices. It is essential to note that these laser machines are ideal for bulk production. They also come with high-power laser systems. For hobbyists and small shops, Amada lasers may not be suitable.

Main Products

  1. Laser cutting systems
  2. Various mechanical products and services
  3. Automation and tooling

3.Mazak lasers

image 1
image 1

Mazak Lasers is one of the oldest popular manufacturers worldwide, with a long and esteemed history of laser machines. The company was founded in 1919 and has become a leading laser machine manufacturer. The corporate office is at 2725 Galvin Ct., Elgin, IL 60124, USA.

The company also offers a wide range of Laser products. The most popular searches include Mazak tube lasers and Mazak fiber lasers. These laser devices are incredibly suitable for industrial uses. Hobbyists and small businesses may not find the right products. However, it isn’t easy to navigate to the products page. Some visitors may face difficulties in checking out their product series.

Main Products

  1. 2D and 3D Laser systems
  2. Laser accessories
  3. Automation tools and machinery
  4. Software and support

4.Trumpf laser machine

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Trumpf Laser Machine is an internationally renowned name in the laser manufacturing industry. The company is known for its experience and ability to manufacture high-quality laser machines. Trumpf Laser was founded in 1923 as a series of mechanical workshops. Since then, the company has developed into one of the world’s leading laser machine manufacturers. Trumpf Laser’s headquarters is in Ditzingen, Germany.

Trumpf laser machine also offers a wide range of machines and tools. Popular searches include trumpf tube laser, trumpf fiber laser, trumpf tube laser 7000, and trumpf laser 3030. Their laser devices are also renowned for precision, speed, and versatility.

Main Products

  1. 2D and 3D Trumpf Laser Cutter
  2. Mechanical and automated Trumpf machine
  3. VCSEL solutions and photodiodes
  4. Software and support

5.Bystronic Fiber Laser

image 4

Bystronic Fiber Laser is a prominent name in the laser machine manufacturing sector. The company’s name comes from the combination of its three founders, Byland, Schneider, and Trosch. Furthermore, the company is renowned for its specialization in fiber laser technology. The company was founded in 1964 and headquartered in Niederonz, Switzerland.

Concerning laser machines from Bystronic, their products are limited to cutting machines only. You may not find other laser devices like laser marking, etching, or engraving machines. But if you are looking for a cutting machine, try the Bystronic laser cutting machine. Since they specialize in cutting machines, you can get the highest quality.  

Main Products

  1. Laser cutting machine
  2. Press Brakes
  3. Tuber Laer cutting
  4. Software and support

6.Golden laser cutting machine

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Wuhan Golden Laser Company is a notable laser machine manufacturer based in China. Since 2005, the company has specialized in innovation and developing high-quality laser devices. Their headquarters is in Huangpi District, Wuhan, Hubei, China. Their influence is particularly notable in the textile and garment sector.

Golden Laser also offers a wide range of laser engraving and cutting solutions. Their machines are renowned for their precision, speed, and adaptability. Note that their machines are mostly ideal for textile materials. So, if you are looking for a laser device for metal, wood, or other materials, you should look for other brands.

Main Products

  1. Various types of laser cutting machines (UV, Fiber, and CO2)
  2. CO2 galvo laser machine
  3. CO2 laser engraver
  4. Digital knife-cutting machine

7. Salvagnini laser

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Salvagnini Laser is a distinguished name in manufacturing laser machines in Europe. The company is also known for its commitment to precision engineering and advanced technology. The company, founded in 1963, has built a strong presence in the industry over the years. Their headquarters is in Sarego-Vicenza, Italy.

Salvagnini Laser is famous for its various capabilities, particularly sheet metal processing. Their machines provide exceptional precision, speed, and flexibility. These properties make them indispensable in the automotive, aerospace, and architectural construction industries. Concerning Laser systems, L3 and L5 are two popular choices. These two series of models are particularly suitable for industrial uses. However, This company doesn’t manufacture lower-power laser devices. So, if you are looking for an industry-based laser device, try Mazak, Ermaksan, or Salvagnini Lasers.

Main Products

  1. Panel benders
  2. Press brakes
  3. Laser systems
  4. Punching machines
  5. FMS systems

8. Ermaksan laser

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Our next best pick is Ermaksan Laser, a notable laser machine manufacturer in Turkey. The company was founded in 1965. It has become one of the world’s finest sheet metal processing industries. Ermaksan also provides a wide range of sheet metal processing machines and tools. All these services are popular in various sectors, whereas Laser machines are noteworthy.

Concerning Laser systems, you can only get fiber technology from this factory. All their laser machines are suitable for sheet metal processing. Besides, note that their devices are ideal for high-power laser applications. Therefore, wood, leather, fabric, or plastics may not be suitable for these fiber laser machines.

Main Products

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine
  2. Press brakes
  3. Shear cutting
  4. Plasma cutting
  5. Optoelectronics
  6. Additive manufacturing

9.Dxtech laser

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Dxtech Laser was founded in 2011 as an advanced laser machine manufacturer worldwide. Their headquarters is in Jinan, Shandong, China. Furthermore, the performance of their laser machine made them famous in various sectors. Some popular industries include shipbuilding, sheet metal processing, kitchens, advertising, and fitness equipment.

Dxtech also produces a wide range of laser machines. All these laser devices are suitable for sheet metal processing applications. As a result, wood, plastics, leather, foam, or rubber are unsuitable for these models. You can get different types of laser machines, from small workshops to large industrial productions. Although, you might find these laser machines a bit more expensive than other brands.

Main Products

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine
  2. Laser welding and cleaning machine
  3. Laser marking machine
  4. CO2 Laser engraver
  5. Press brake machine

10. Hispeed laser

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Our final pick, HiSpeed Laser, is one of the most popular laser machine manufacturers worldwide. They also manufacture various laser machines, including marking, cutting, and engraving. Besides, you can also get other laser devices like laser welding and cleaning machines. The company was founded in 2017. Right after Dxtech, HiSpeed Laser is one of the world’s most advanced laser equipment Suppliers. Their headquarters is in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Surprisingly, the advantage of choosing Hispeed Laser is its budget-friendly laser products. Therefore, HiSpeed Laser, Thunder Laser, and Golden Laser are recommended if you are looking for budgeted options. You can also customize your device as per your application requirements.

Main Products

  1. Various Laser marking machines (UV, Fiber, and CO2)
  2. Fiber laser engraving and cutting machines
  3. Co2 laser engraving and cutting machines
  4. Laser welding and cleaning machine


Above all, the top 10 laser equipment Suppliers presented in this article are influential players in the laser market. In this case, they each bring unique innovations and contributions to various fields. However, these manufacturers have collectively revolutionized manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and textiles. Their cutting-edge technologies have also elevated laser machinery’s efficiency and capabilities. Moreover, they all follow international industry standards.

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