Thunderlaser Creation| pyrography transcends traditional arts and goes beyond your imagination

July 22, 2022

Pyrography also known as heat transfer, traditional Chinese art treasure is made by hot iron soldering in the object to burn marks. In ancient it’s called “Fire needle embroidery” , “fire strokes” and “heat transfer painting” etc. as a rare type of folk arts. This art requires the painter to have a good control of the accuracy and thickness of heat transfer, especially when painting portraits and landscape.

laser engraving art

So is it impossible for us to make a pyrography without the skill? Should we take so-called 3-5 years to learn the skill before we manage to paint one? Actually no need, as long as we have a Thunder Laser engraver. With the fastest laser and the most accurate scale, the machine can complete a pyrography easily. Now it’s time to unfold the puzzle.

laser cutter file:download

Required items:

Material:A piece of poplar

Laser head:standerd head

Thunder laser used:

Machine:Nova35 80watt

Setting parameters:

Processing Mode:

Engraving speed:500mm/s Engraving power:8%


You can draw on CorelDraw and then click on the laser plug-in to switch to the laser software. Set the appropriate parameters on the laser software and click Download to transfer the design to your machine.

After choosing which pattern to engrave, import the file into the laser engraver and start engraving process by simply press the button “Start”. Different from traditional processing way, the laser works fast and in order on the material.

laser engraving art
laser engraving art

After finishing engraving the pyrography, take out the piece and drill two holes like the picture shows, and attach two Chinese knots. Now it looks more charming!

laser engraving art
laser engraving art

After attaching the Chinese knots, we can display the new work in our exhibition room now. Looking at the bamboo leaves and rods, the proper dense makes the whole pyrography vivid and stereo; we can even tell the leaves’ front and back side.

laser engraving art

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