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Laser wood cutting – Lampshade cutting (honeycomb)

July 26, 2022


Lamps are very important in our daily life, most people decorate their rooms with the normal lamps. Don’t you want to decorate your own room with some unique lamps? I cut one for myself already using plywood and my friends like this design too.

laser cutter file:Download

Required items:

4.5mm plywood

2” laser head

Thunder laser used:

Model: Mars 130

Laser Tube: 100 watt


Processing Mode: cut

Speed: 15mm/s

Max power: 65%

Min power: 65%

The settings are only for reference, users need to find the best setting by testing.


Before cutting, you must think about what kind of lamp and the size you will use, and then you can start designing. If you’re not quite good at designing, you can use this website to get a design first – www.makercase.com, and then search for some special shapes to fill it. It’s quite easy and convenient. When these are done, we can send the design to the software and input the best setting parameters and “Download” the file to the laser cutter.


Now put the plywood sheet on the machine working table, move the laser head to the right start position, adjust the focal distance, press “Origin” button to set the starting point, then press “Start” to run the job.


After the laser finish working, take out the lamp cover pieces and put them aside.Build the lamp cover by yourself, you’ll find a lot of fun to do it.

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