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Laser Engraving-Acrylic Logo Board

November 30, 2023

Still pondering what your laser machine can make? How about crafting a one-of-a-kind acrylic badge! Transparent acrylic can showcase unique laser-etched patterns, and adding paint brings even more possibilities for customization. Try combining different elements – that’s true creation!Let’s enjoy the fun of building things with lasers.

laser projects file:Download

Machine and lens:

  • Odin 32 55w
  • 2.0 lens

Materials needed:

  • An acrylic sheet

Parameters used in the process:

  • Engraving Speed:1500mm/s
  • Engraving Power:60%
  • Cutting Speed:10mm/s
  • Cutting Power:80%
  • Hatch type:bidirectional
  • DPI:335DPI




Come and try!

    This time, we created an unique acrylic LOGO board. It has laser-engraved letters on the front with a blue painted background added to the back, whic gives dimension when viewed through the clear acrylic. To create something novel, we can’t limit ourselves to existing conventions. Instead, utilize every available resource to the fullest.

    The laser neatly cuts personalized grooves into the smooth plastic. Light shines through the colored back and scatters across the engraved front, increasing the sense of depth and visual interest. Your custom LOGO board can commemorate special memories and spark conversation. Let people glimpse your creativity on display!


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