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Laser Engraving-Wooden Tissue Box

August 25, 2023


    Hey, are you still thinking about what you can make with your laser engraving machine? Why not take a look around at everyday objects in your life and customize them with your own personal touch? This time, I’m going to customize our tissue box and make it unique with just a little design work. Let’s enjoy the fun of laser engraving and design!

    laser projects file:Download


    Machine and lens:

    • Bolt Pro 22 30w
    • 2.0 lens

    Materials needed:

    • A pearwood tissue box

    Parameters used in the process:

    • Speed:1500mm/s
    • Power:80%
    • DPI:335DPI
    • Parameter Example



    Come and try!

    We use tissues daily in our lives, whether at a desk or in the bathroom. If we just kept them in their boring original plastic wrappers, that would be pretty dull for something we see every day. This is one reason customized tissue boxes exist! And even better than buying a mass-produced box from a store, you can add your own exclusive markings. You can choose a wooden box sized perfectly for the tissues you use often, without worrying about fit. Let your laser take on more creative roles and customize more fun things for you!

    The laser opens up possibilities to leave your personalized stamp on objects around you. Bring some excitement to daily items and make them uniquely yours!



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