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Different laser heads of Thunder Nova

June 13, 2024

Selecting the appropriate laser head can be a key factor in achieving optimal laser effects. The commonly used laser heads for Thunder Laser equipment range from 1.5″ to 4″. The different inches represent the distance between the lens and the laser beam’s focal point.
focus length
TypeLaser dot SizeFocal DistanceMain Function
Standard Laser Head0.0039″(0.099mm)5.0mm~6.5mmCutting material less than 10mm, Engraving photos within 500DPI
High Resolution Head0.0020″(0.050mm)3.0mm~4.0mmEngraving photos up to 1000DPI, cutting material less than 1mm
4″ Laser Head0.0078″(0.198mm)9.0mm~11mmCutting material more than 10 mm
For Thunder Laser’s Nova series laser cutting machines, the standard lens is 2.0″, providing balanced performance for both engraving and cutting. It’s the most commonly used laser head. In general, smaller focal length lenses (1.5″) are better suited for extremely fine details, whereas larger focal length lenses (2.5″, 4.0″) are mainly used for cutting thicker materials due to their deeper focal points.

When to Use Shorter Focal Length (1.5″ or HR) Lenses:

Shorter focal length lenses, like the 1.5″ lens, create a small laser spot at the focus point, enabling very fine detail engraving and high power density. A side effect is that engraving lines might appear more pronounced when working on larger areas, as the spot is small and lines don’t overlap. This can lead to a slightly rough surface and less transparent colors on the engraved material. Increasing the Z-axis offset can help reduce this effect by moving the focus point away and expanding the laser spot.

Using Longer Focal Length (2.5″) for Engraving:

When working with temperature-sensitive materials (such as plastics), a larger spot generates less heat. As a result, it reduces the potential distortion during extensive engraving on large areas.

Using the 4.0″ Lens for Cutting:

For thicknesses exceeding one inch during cutting, using the 4.0″ lens is advantageous to achieve more vertical cutting edges.

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