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How to Use Auto Focus

June 17, 2024

How to initiate an Auto Focus?

1. Button under the MENU
nova auto focus 1
2. Focus Z button in the Lightburn MOVE tab
nova auto focus 2
2. Focus Z button in the Lightburn MOVE tab
nova auto focus 3

What to do before pressing the Button

1. Return the laser head to the upright and locked position so that there is no gap between the stop ring and the lens holder assembly.
nova auto focus 4
2. Use the HOME button in the Lightburn Laser window to send the laser to the top left of the machine. The laser head does not need to be over the top of the material for the Auto Focus routine.
nova auto focus 5
3. Place the material so that it will actually block the light path from the Left Sensor to the Right Sensor
nova auto focus 6


1. Auto Focus will only lower the bed down ~3/8″ before aborting the routine. If you place a thick piece of material on the bed, you should lower the Honeycomb Bed so that the object is below the Auto Focus sensors before performing an Auto Focus

2. Materials with clear properties(Acrylic,Glass, etc) should have their edges taped so that the light cannot pass through the material.

3. Do not leave the area when doing an Auto Focus. Be ready to shut the machine down if a crash is imminent. Preventing & Recovering From A Head Crash

4. Minimum object size in the Y Direction: 1.5″

5. Minimum object Thickness (Z direction): 1/8th”

When to NOT use Auto Focus:

1. Rotary jobs – The shape of the rotary machine and tumblers do not work with the sensors

2. If not using the stock 2″ head. Auto Focus does not work with the 4″, HR or any other head that is not the stock Thunder 2″ laser head

3. Odd shaped objects that have varying thicknesses or are warped\wavy. Either adjust the object or use manual focus in the local area you wish to engrave

Reference Video

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