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How to Use U-Disk with Thunder Laser

June 13, 2024

Operation Steps

Save File to Udisk

Open Lightburn or RDworks → Select your design → Click the “Save to RDfile” → Select the U-disk

Plug into the machine

Read the U-disk

File → Udisk → Read Udisk → Copy to memory

Reference Video

U-disk Not Recognized by the DSP

There may be an issue where the machine cannot recognize the U-disk, and the LCD panel shows ‘No U-File’ when you choose ‘Read U-disk file.’ Here are the possible reasons for this.

1. The U disk selection error

The U disk can be recognized by machine:
Disk capacity:16G(including 16G and below)
The U-disk interface protocol is 2.0

Note: How to judge the protocol of U disk?

Insert the USB in the PC/laptop , check in the device manager of the system and check USB port, it will show USB2.0/USB3.0. USB2.0 have four pins, two for power, one pair for data. USB slot which contains black-USB2.0.

laser u disk 1


Change a 2.0 U-disk for testing.

2. The file format is incorrect

The U-disk file of RDWorks/Lightburn is .rd. Please check if you saved the file correctly.
When saving files to the USB disk, please store them separately, not in a folder on the USB disk.


Please save the file with correct way.

3. The U-disk is faulty


Please replace a new U-disk for testing.

4. The U-disk port on the outside is faulty

If the U-disk and file format are all good, maybe the U-disk on the outside is faulty.
laser u disk 2


Please plug the U-disk to the U-disk port of the controller board ( Open the left door you can see it), see below picture.

laser u disk 5
If it’s working after you plug the U-disk in the controller board, it maybe the U-disk port of the left side is faulty.

5. Too Many RD files on the U-disk, Odd Symbols or File Names too long

Limit the number of RD files on the disk to under 90 and avoid odd symbols or having the file name longer than 8 characters.

File name example: 


6. Files not Saved to Root\Main Directory

Files must be in the root, main directory of the usb stick. Not in a folder.

File is saved into D:\–Will work (Note that your USB drive may have a different Drive Letter Like E,F or G etc)

laser u disk 3

File is saved into D:\Lightburn RD Files –Will not work (Note that your USB drive may have a different Drive Letter Like E,F or G etc)

Only read the File that was in the Root Directory:

laser u disk 4

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