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How To Adjust The Dual Stage Air Assist

June 3, 2024

A dual air assist system is a crucial component in laser machines. It enhances the performance and quality of the laser processing by using two different airflows: one for engraving and one for cutting. Here’s a detailed introduction of it.


Thunder’s dual stage air assist does not come preset from the factory. High may be set low and low may be set high. You must correctly set the air pressure desired for each stage to your needs.

The stock air pump supplied with your laser turns on and off with the job and is not intended to run with no air flow. This means that adjusting the air assist stage(s) where there is zero air coming out will eventually damage the pump.

Additionally, having too little airflow will cause you to burn up your focal lenses. Make sure you always have enough airflow.

Key Features

Adjustable Air Flow

Users can adjust the air pressure using a knob to control the amount of air blown onto the workpiece. This allows for fine-tuning depending on the specific material and task.

Test and Adjust

The system typically includes a test button to help users set the appropriate air volume, ranging from a slight airflow for delicate engravings to maximum airflow for heavy-duty cutting.

Components and Functions

Low Air Blow Mode

When engraving, a lower air pressure is used to gently blow away debris and smoke without disturbing the delicate workpiece.

High Air Blow Mode

During cutting, a stronger air pressure is used to blow away molten material and smoke from the cut path.


The Dual Air assist adjustment will be on the left side of your machine. You will have a Test button and Flow Valve for each stage. The test button will light up while the corresponding stage of air is running.
dual stage air assist nova


You can adjust while the machine is running or by pressing the green button for the corresponding air.

1. Less Air….turn the knob Clockwise\Right

2. More Air…turn the knob Counterclockwise\Left

Reference Video

Benefits of a Dual Air Assist System

Improved Quality

By having separate settings for engraving and cutting, the machine can achieve higher precision and cleaner results. This is especially important for detailed and intricate designs.

Extended Lens Life

Protecting the focus lens from smoke and debris extends its lifespan and maintains the clarity of the laser beam.


The ability to switch between low and high air pressure modes makes the machine versatile for different types of materials and projects.


A stronger air blow helps prevent overheating and reduces the risk of fire, especially when cutting flammable materials.

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