REVIEW Thunder Laser USA NOVA 51

We review the Thunder Laser Nova 51 100w. We walk you around the Thunder Nova 51 and point out why it is absolutely one of the best manufactures of CO2 lasers for your business. Unbeatable specs and price make these lasers a win win for the entry-level user to the full production business. Looking at other machines that cost 4x as much with specs that don’t even compare you might want to ask WHY?

1. If you need to carve a cup with thunder laser nova , you must buy a rotating shaft. Instead of sending you some cheap aluminum bricks, you can buy Rotoboss, the best rotating shaft on the market, at Thunder Laser. And this rotation axis is already aligned and can be used out of the box.

2. Thunder 51 laser structure
You can see that everything about Thunder Nova 51 is very thick, because it’s a machine built for industry.

3. Nova 51 laser Features:
There is a temperature sensor under the beam that will sound an alarm if your device is on fire. It also has dual air assist. But we only need a small amount of air to keep the lens clean when we sculpt. When we need to cut, we need a huge air assist. This is a cool feature.

4. Nova 51 laser details:
This equipment is very clean, all accessories are labeled, can easily trace something. When your equipment breaks down, it is absolutely easy to find out the problem and solve it.