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How to use laser autofocus

auto focus laser engraver

how does autofocus work? CO2 laser autofocus will only lower the bed before aborting the routine.
1. Before placing a thick piece of material on the bed in the thunderlaser machine, you should lower the Honeycomb Bed down ~3/8″ so that the object is below the laser af sensor.
Return the laser head to the upright and locked position so that there is no gap between the stop ring and the lens holder assembly.
2. After Placing the material, use the HOME button in the Lightburn Laser window to send the laser to the top left of the machine.
3. The laser head does not need to be over the top of the material for the laser autofocus routine.
4. Do not leave the area when doing an autofocus laser engraver in the thunderlaser machine. Be ready to shut the machine down if a crash is imminent. Preventing & Recovering From A Head Crash.
In addition:
Minimum object size in the Y Direction: 1.5
Minimum object Thickness (Z direction): 1/8th

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